The CW Renews The 100, Hart of Dixie, and BATB; Cancels Star-Crossed, The Tomorrow People, and The Carrie Diaries

By Kaitlin Thomas

May 08, 2014

Welcome to Thunderdome! In one corner we have a lot of angry juvenile delinquents from space, and in the other we have pretty aliens with facial tattoos in high school! Oh, forget it. It doesn't matter who would win in this fight, because The CW has already made its decisions about which shows are returning next year and which are not. But wouldn't it be fun if that's how these things were decided?

The CW has renewed the Lord of the Flies-esque The 100 for Season 2, the heartwarming dramedy Hart of Dixie for Season 4, and by some unknown forces we can only assume are the result of blackmail or witchcraft, Beauty and the Beast for Season 3. The network previously renewed SupernaturalArrow, The Vampire DiariesThe Originals, and Reign.

Unfortunately, those renewals were accompanied by axings for The Tomorrow PeopleThe Carrie Diaries, and Star-Crossed, which are now officially dunzo at the C-Dubs. However, the cancellations have freed up space for four new series next fall. The network has officially picked up the Arrow spin-off The Flash, Rob Thomas's iZombieJane the Virgin, and The Messengers.


Let's hear which renewals and cancellations you support or detest in the comments!

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  • sweet_tooth_12 Dec 11, 2014

    Yall need to go to Netflix and Hulu plus to see the rating of the shows cause I know I be watching my tv shows up there cause I dont have cable or there network apps

  • sweet_tooth_12 Dec 11, 2014

    CW Yall network need to get together yall cancel The ringer,HellCats now yall cancelled another two good shows Star-Crossed, and Tomorrow People

  • SBMR Dec 10, 2014

    I really loved Star Crossed (Emery and Roman)......but according to the season that was cancelled these two would not have ended up together, which would have been very very very it's not so bad it was cancelled. If they would have ended up together I would have been even more disappointed.

  • rogerbrown54379 Dec 09, 2014

    The got rid of two shows I really like star-crossed & tomorrow people. Very disapointed

  • bautistakenrick856 Dec 01, 2014

    I was a little upset to learn that Star-Crossed got cancelled. I mean, I really want to see what happens on Season 2, that season would've been epic (guess to show that the series is more than just some romance). I'm really mad with how it just ended. I WANT THE SHOW BACK!!! Couldn't Teennick or ABC Family renew the series? The CW could've given the show a chance... but NO, they decided to axe it. Now, iZombie and/or Jane the Virgin will take over it's time-slot. You know, sometimes I hate how networks take away shows that we all know and love. Ever since the show got cancelled, there's (kinda) nothing good for me to watch on TV anymore.

  • kaylarenee737 Dec 01, 2014

    I can not believe they cancelled star crossed out of all the shows! We have enough zombie movies/ shows! Take out izombie and bring back star crossed!! It's rude to leave people on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens in the next season and the then cancel the show!!!

  • dyvonnycobian Nov 30, 2014

    What!!!!!!!!!!! No more star crossed!!!!!! F$&@!!!!!!! Just when it was getting really good. They should cancel other shows but not Beauty and the Beast that's only one good show they kept but the others??? Like what???!!!!

  • shanicesampson Nov 25, 2014

    next time do wat the ppl for the walking dead did, put like 6 episode in the first season as a test run instead of giving ppl hope and an amazing show then smashing it into a gazillion piece ppl... i mean come on !!!!!!!!!! why star crossed... *tears, sniff* you guy suck. you gave up star crossed for the messengers and rob thomas' izombie, likke really. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • raynisha1313 Nov 25, 2014


  • jax65rox Nov 21, 2014

    The Tomorrow People had so much going for it I can't believe its cancelled. I really enjoyed it more than alot of the other shows that are out there right now. I am very happy that The 100 got renewed though. That show never fails to captivate my attention and all of my friends have just started to get into it. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it, The 100 is completely amazing.

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