Graduation Day

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Quotes (6)

  • Isabelle: Here I am. The Angel of Death.

  • (watching Isabelle being released from custody) Diana: (to Tom) So this is what it feels like to watch someone get away with murder?

  • Diana: (to Tom, about Isabelle) Does this girl scare you as much as she scares me? I mean, never mind what she did or didn't do today. You just meet her... I mean, she looks like a normal kid, attractive, maybe a bit naive, but when she says something you realize she's looking at you like you're an ant and she's just deciding whether or not she's going to rip your legs off.

  • Diana: (hands Tom the syringe) We got a lot to do today.

  • Matthew: You need me. You need my guidance. Isabelle: I don't think I do Matthew. (kills him) Today is graduation day.

  • Isabelle: It seems like a lot of people have opinions about me. Either I'm the savior, or I'm the end of the world.

Notes (1)

  • International Airdates United Kingdom: 06 September 2006 on Sky One

Trivia (1)

  • Featured 4400s * Todd Barstow, disappeared 29 August 1995. He has the ability to sense someone's pain, rage, anger, etc. * Zachary Gidlund, disappeared 10 November 1966. * Jane Nance, disappeared 17 October 1980. She has the ability to communicate with animals. * Jorge Malina, disappeared 24 March 1975. Has the ability to produce and control fire.