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  • 9.5

    UNIVERSAL STUDIOS TOP 6 shows 80's including BAYWATCH tv hasn't done anything good since these 7shows off Air

    By SteveAhern, Aug 29, 2013

    THE ATEAM SERIES watched as skid + AIRWOLF + ORIGINAL David Hasselhoff KNIGHTRIDER + MAGNUM . + six Million Dollar Man + The Incredible Hulk UNIVERSAL STUDIOS 6 top series in 80's all best no show today has done any good. Since 90's -2013(present) today except BAYWATCH BIGGEST SHOW ON PLANET Unbeaten in 1989-2000 joins classic shows

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  • 9.6

    I loved it when a plan came together......

    By McBurgermeister, Jan 09, 2009

    This show had it all: Action, explosions, car chases and big wrecks, cool military weaponry, hot women, and the always classic tag line; "I love it when a plan comes together". The A-Team went to a place television hadnt been as four innocent commandos from a war America hated were on the run for a crime they didnt commit. Yet these guys would stick their necks out each week, taking on the mob, crooked cops, bad politicians, big business or whoever was foolish enough to get in their way. They were the ultimate heroes who managed to always save the day and yet never kill a single person. OK so it may be corny to expect that this type of violence would result in no casualties, but hey, they were the bigger than life heroes who always saved the day. Personally I have never found another show that captured the excitement and drama that the A-Team brought us each week. And I pity the fool that would disagree! :)moreless

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    Snuck out of kindergarden to meet Mr. T

    By yeeisme, Oct 01, 2008

    This show will always have fond memories for me. The crazy contraptions that B.A. produced could almost be the blunt force power to MacGyver's finesse. Even now when I watch the DVD's my mind takes me back as soon as I hear that theme song and watch the red logo sprawl itself across the screen.

    When I was 6 I was so in love with this show I actually snuck out of Sr. Kindergarden and met Mr. T. That was one of the best things that ever happened to me in school!

    Regardless of how out of date this show can be at times and the lack of computers or the internet. All i can say about this show is, "I love it when a plan comes together!"moreless

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    The A-Team... A favorite from my teen years, and still awesome in re-runs!!!

    By shwsrs, Oct 01, 2008

    Watching re-runs only reminds me of how much I loved this show... The explosions, the fighting, the last minute inventions.... Brillant!!! I'll always love its 1980's cheesiness...

    The wardrobe, the dialogue and the corny plots!

    What hard done by little guy(or attractive damsel in distress), wouldn't want four battle ready ex-commandos to come along and rescue them from an otherwise futile situation while harshly smiteing those who did them wrong!!

    Hannibal- the teams leader and mastermind. Always able to make his plan come together...

    Face- the teams con artist/go-for. Always able to out smart the bad guys and get the girl.

    B.A.- the gold clad teams muscle, Always able to kick supreme caboose and keep his buddies from harm.

    Murdock- .... yeah... Murdock... The most awesome wack job of a pilot!! One of the best written, best acted charactors of the era. Loved that guy! He was always able to confuse the bad guy and tick off B.A.moreless

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  • 8.5

    One of the great shows of the 80's

    By PapaTazzz, May 07, 2008

    To me the a team is a great show and even though they just shot AT the bad guys instead of shooting them.however they do blow alot of stuff up and i think the show has a great storyline. i think i have seen almost every episode of the a team but i\'m sure ther is a few episodes that i have not yet (and probabily never will)\'s too bad that they counldn\'t make a movie after the series was cancelled but George Peppard sadly passed away. I think that the a team is a very good show for people of all ages and i recommed that if you get the chance to watch it that you


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    Vietnam soldiers accused of a crime they did not commit save the lives of the week and poor in 80s America.

    By twilightboy, Jan 18, 2008

    "The best action show on TV ever" this is what my friends used to call this show and I agree with them. Back n the 80s, this was our prime source of imagination for games. Me and my friends would pretend to be the A-Team and we would select one of the characters to fight crime. The things I love about this show is that although they were bullets flying all around, no one ever got killed. Second of all, all the destruction machines that the A-team creates at the end of the show to wipe the bad guys off of the screen. What i love the most is how they always leave the bad guys win for a moment and at the end they get kicked in their.........!moreless

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  • 9.0

    Can see it again and again.

    By El_Justiciero, Jan 08, 2008

    Really good show. I never get tired of it. And i have to admit the argument of all episodes is se same, but give me well done guns, fightings, cars chasing, planes and helicopters and humor and i will be the fan number one.

    Unforgettable the main characters: Hannibal, M.A., FĂ©nix and Murdock (their spanish names instead of Faceman and B.A.).

    And every chapter is like a little film with completely different locations including representation of foreign places (don't think they do much documentation about that, i remember spanish police uniforms in one chapter that were not the real ones, he,he). But anyway they show us a big amount of locations and a lot of different situations.moreless

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  • 7.0

    So bad it's good...well, kinda

    By Evil_Dead_Ash, Dec 31, 2007

    This show is now so ridiculously dated its only value is unintentional comic relief. It is unmistakenly 1980's and does nothing innovative for the time(cliche).

    I have to say, the writing is laughably bad and the plots so predictable and formulaic, you could set your watch by them.

    Opening- we see the bad guys of the episode do something bad

    1st act-victims find A-Team ask for help

    2nd act- A-Team fails for some reason in their first attempt to stop the bad guys

    3rd act-80's montage of the A-Team doing something ridiculous that will prevail over the bad guys

    last act- show closes with a lame joke (usually)

    Of course I haven't seen every episode (life's too short) but I've seen enough to understand what goes on.

    Still it has a certain charm and can be entertaining...if you have time to waste.moreless

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  • 6.9

    This show is so funny. I know this is not supposed to be a comedy, but it became comedy over the years. It is so retro, it has become cult. I don't think they should make any new shows though and lucky enough they are not making them!

    By Emphased, Nov 06, 2007

    I however don't want to give this show a number above the 7. The reason for this, the show is funny, but it isn't supposed to be funny. They made this serie so bad, it became funny. By beeing funny, it becomes cult, but cult usualy has to suck so bad it's funny.

    Ofcourse it isn't that horrible, this serie was made for a long time ago. Ofcourse the fasion has changed, the people who watch it have changed, the standard of TV have changed. However, The A-Team seems be still up to the standard. Since I see it beeing broadcast like every time I'm switching channels.moreless

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