The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie

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Notes (4)

  • This served as the pilot for the subsequent "Brady Kids" cartoon.

  • This served as the pilot for the subsequent "Yogi's Ark" cartoon. The characters included a human handyman whose first name Noah. Yogi named their flying boat "Noah's Ark" after him, even painting Cap'n Noah's name on the side. The series, however, did not include Noah and his name no longer appeared on the side. Noah's Ark became Yogi's Ark. The moral to this story: A human and talking animals cannot live together after all.

  • Known as "The Freaky Monster Show" in the UK.

  • Part 2 aired on October 28, 1972 of this hour long cartoon series.

Trivia (1)

  • Among the Hanna-Barbera characters appearing in this special besides Yogi: Boo Boo, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, Touche Turtle, Dum Dum, Ruff & Reddy, Lippy the Lion & Hardy Har Har, Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy, Snagglepuss, Sawtooth (Rufus Ruffcut's pet beaver on Wacky Races), Peter Potamus, So-So, Top Cat and his gang, the Hillbilly Bears, Squiddly Diddly, Atom Ant, Moby Dick, Lambsy, and Secret Squirrel.