Quotes (2)

  • (After D.I. Holler calls Pugsley and Wednesday macabre and weird.) Wednesday: Why, thank you D.I. Holler. Pugsley: Yeah! You're okay in our book.

  • D.I. Holler: Addams, Get rid of that gator, NOW! Pugsley: Aw, all right. (Snappy leaves)

Notes (2)

  • In Camp Addams, D.I. Holler's mouth bears a U.S. flag.

  • The blues music featured in King of the Polycotton Blues replaces the usual theme music during the end credits.

Trivia (1)

  • Goof: In Camp Addams, Gomez is wearing dark-colored pajamas. Just after Normanmeyer greets him after entering the home, it briefly looks like Gomez is wearing his regular lavender-colored suit from the rear.