The Addams Family (1992-93)

Hide and Go Lurch / Hook, Line and Stinkers / A Sword Fightin' Thing

Season 1, Ep 13, Aired 11/21/92
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  • Episode Description
  • Hide and Go Lurch: While helping the kids put away some old items they've outgrown in the attic, Gomez finds the family's old hiding horn. When he blows on it for old time sake, Gomez and Fester play their childhood game of hide-and-seek where Lurch is it and has to find them. But hiding from their butler isn't as easy as it seems as Lurch always finds them no matter how near and far they go. Can the Addams brothers find the perfect hiding place before the game ends at midnight? Hook, Line and Stinkers: The evil twin spies kidnap Wednesday and Pugsley hoping to use them as bait to capture Cousin Itt. But things don't go their way as they stumble into the various booby traps located at the Addams' summer cottage and become a meal for their pet alligator Snappy. A Sword Fightin' Thing: Gomez's plans for rest and relaxation are constantly interrupted by Thing, who wants to spend the day fencing with him. But as it turns out, this works in Gomez's favor as the constant dueling tires him out, causing him to lie down awkwardly, which is certain to wrench his back, to his eventual pleasure.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • John Astin

    Gomez Addams

  • Nancy Linari

    Morticia Addams

  • Rip Taylor

    "Uncle Fester" Addams

  • Debi Derryberry

    Wednesday Addams

  • Jeannie Elias

    Pugsley Addams

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (6)

    • (The Addams are going through the attic) Gomez: Great guns in August! Family you won't believe what I found. Pugsley: (wrapping Wednesday up in mummy wrap) Uncle Fester's first head? Wednesday: Does the third eye still blink?

    • Pugsley: Dad, Uncle Fester, what's the big deal about some old horn? Gomez: Only the greatest game we ever played, son. Fester: Back when we were little friars like you. Gomez: First, we'd blow the horn loud as we could. Fester: (gleefuly) Hopefully passing out from hyperventilation! Gomez: And Lurch would have until midnight to find us! Morticia: And he always did. Gomez: (woeful) Ah, that's right Tisch. In all those years we never could shake the big fella, except that one time we tied him to the fault line. Fester: Gomez, we were but young pups and Lurch was well into puberty. (is grabbed by Gomez and flung to the floor) Hey! AHH! Gomez: (sitting on Fester) Young pups? Imperial idea, Fester! Fester: Gomez, you nearly broke a rib! (chuckles) Wanna try again?

    • (Discussing where to hide from Lurch) Fester: Hey! We could always hide in my trench coat. Gomez: And suffer the same fate as Aunt Sticky when she climbed in? Fester: Oh, yeah. I'm still having her electronically removed.

    • (Fester and Gomez are crawling through the desert) Gomez: (dried out) Fester...the...the vultures are circling. Fester: Well if you'd stop moving, maybe one will fly down and start pecking.

    • Morticia: Oh, Gomez, remember what I wore on our honeymoon? (holds up a pair of stocks)
      Gomez: Ah, Tish! You looked so good in mahogany...

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    Notes (2)

    • This is the last set of episodes from the first season.

    • Granny Frump doesn't appear in any of the three shorts. Also, Thing doesn't appear in the first two, the only ones in this series he's not seen.

    Trivia (1)

    • Goof: Gomez says he was never able to outwit Lurch, yet in The Day Gomez Failed, he said he's never failed before.

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