The Addams Family

Gomez, the Politician

Season 1, Ep 4, Aired 10/9/64
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  • Episode Description
  • Sam Hilliard, the ex-truant officer, is running for city council. This puts Gomez in the campaign mood, and he decides to offer financial support. However, Hilliard soon finds that winning the election with the Addams family on his side may be quite a challenge.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jackie Coogan

    Uncle Fester

  • John Astin

    Gomez Addams

  • Carolyn Jones

    Morticia Addams

  • Blossom Rock


  • Ted Cassidy


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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (6)

    • Morticia: What's all the noise?
      Fester: The conventions, Morticia, the conventions!
      Morticia: Oh, I do wish they wouldn't shout so. It keeps little Pugsley's octopus awake. Poor thing's getting rings under its tentacles. And my African Strangler, too. It just loses all desire to strangle anyone.

    • Gomez: Number 1, we want to get our butler Lurch on television.
      Morticia: We feel he'll appeal to the women's vote.
      Gomez: Camera moves in. It's a close-up of Lurch. Lurch expresses himself on the candidacy of Sam L. Hilliard.
      Lurch: Ooohhhhh.
      Gomez: Animal magnetism, you can't top that.

    • Sam Hilliard: I'm a grafter.
      Morticia: You mean all your campaign promises are phony?
      Sam Hilliard: As a three-dollar bill.
      Fester: I've got a lot of three-dollar bills.

    • Sam Hilliard: I'm going to turn this whole thing over to a lawyer.
      Gomez: A lawyer?
      Sam Hilliard: Yes!
      Gomez: My card.
      Morticia: Gomez is responsible for putting more criminals behind bars than any other man in the United States.
      Sam Hilliard: You, a prosecuting attorney?
      Gomez: Attorney for the defense.

    • George Bass: Is all this yours?
      Gomez: Well, we go back to the cemetery.
      George Bass: We all do, sometime.

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    Notes (1)

    • Ken Weatherwax and Lisa Loring do not appear in this episode.

    Trivia (2)

    • Thing's Things

      After Morticia complains about the loud volume on the TV, it reaches out and turns it down.
      As Hilliard is about to get up and leave, it reaches out, grabs his hand and points him back to his chair.
      Answers the phone and gives the receiver to Gomez as Hilliard is talking to Morticia. Gomez tells Hilliard it's for him and puts the phone on the table. Hilliard approaches the table and it picks up the receiver and hands it to Hilliard Phone rings again and it picks it up and hands it to Morticia who tells it "Darling, you look a little tired. Why don't you just relax." Meanwhile, Hilliard continues to stare at the box the whole time.
      Answers the phone and hands it to Morticia (it's Hilliard)

    • When Gomez is in the basement hanging up campaign posters, every candidate that the family has supported has been the loser in their respective presidential race: Thomas E. Dewey (1944 to FDR and 1948 to Harry Truman), Alf Landon (1936 to to FDR), Al Smith (1928 to Herbert Hoover), Wendell Wilkie (1940 to FDR), Adlai Stevenson (1952 and 1956 to Dwight Eisenhower) and Stephen Douglas (1860 to Abraham Lincoln).

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