The Addams Family

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Quotes (98)

  • Sam Hillard: Why haven't the children ever been enrolled in school? Gomez: Why have children just to get rid of them?

  • (Mr. Hilliard accidentally uses the wrong door) Mr. Hilliard: That's the closet I'm sorry Miss Comstock: I didn't know he drank?

  • Gomez: Perhaps Mr Hillard was right. We may have indeed just saved the world. Morticia: you think we did the right thing?

  • Looking in her mirror as she combs her beautiful black locks,Morticia: I wonder if blondes do have more fun.

  • Morticia: What's all the noise?
    Fester: The conventions, Morticia, the conventions!
    Morticia: Oh, I do wish they wouldn't shout so. It keeps little Pugsley's octopus awake. Poor thing's getting rings under its tentacles. And my African Strangler, too. It just loses all desire to strangle anyone.

  • Gomez: Number 1, we want to get our butler Lurch on television.
    Morticia: We feel he'll appeal to the women's vote.
    Gomez: Camera moves in. It's a close-up of Lurch. Lurch expresses himself on the candidacy of Sam L. Hilliard.
    Lurch: Ooohhhhh.
    Gomez: Animal magnetism, you can't top that.

  • Sam Hilliard: I'm a grafter.
    Morticia: You mean all your campaign promises are phony?
    Sam Hilliard: As a three-dollar bill.
    Fester: I've got a lot of three-dollar bills.

  • Sam Hilliard: I'm going to turn this whole thing over to a lawyer.
    Gomez: A lawyer?
    Sam Hilliard: Yes!
    Gomez: My card.
    Morticia: Gomez is responsible for putting more criminals behind bars than any other man in the United States.
    Sam Hilliard: You, a prosecuting attorney?
    Gomez: Attorney for the defense.

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Notes (96)

  • A number of lines found in this episode originated straight from the original Charles Addams cartoons - one Addams complaining that another isn't cheating as they play cards, one Addams saying that the house is 'nice and gloomy', Morticia saying that her plants need more moonlight, and Morticia saying "I miss the pitter patter of their little feet...sneaking up behind me".

  • This is the brief pilot script expanded as the premiere episode. The "train crash" scene was footage shot for the pilot presentation. This is the only episode using exterior footage of a real house. Wednesday's age is given as six and Pugsley's as eight. In next episode, however, they've somehow aged two years each to match the ages of the children playing the roles.

  • The Boy Scout Handbook that Pugsley is seen reading when Dr. Black goes to his room was likely the 6th edition of the handbook. The handbook is now in its 11th Edition (since 1998). The first edition was published in 1910. The fifth edition (cited) was in circulation from 1959 to 1965.

  • The psychiatrist (George Petrie) would later become known as the Ewings' family lawyer, Harv Smithfield, on Dallas.

  • When the puppy is walking under the hat while on Pugsley's bed, you can see the puppy moving forward. Then the editors reversed the film to make the scene longer.

  • Blossom Rock does not appear in this episode.

  • When Gomez is shown moving super-fast to get the newspaper, you can see the film was sped up, as evidenced by Morticia moving fast for no reason.

  • The sequence of Pugsley getting money out of his piggy bank is from the episode "Morticia Joins the Ladies League" (filmed just before this episode, but aired afterwards.)

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Trivia (37)

  • Sam Hilliard makes reference to Frankenstein but it is clear that hewas making reference to the monster even though Frankenstein is the name of the scientist who created the monster not the monster itself.

  • Thing's Things
    Reaches out of the mailbox and plucks the mail from the mailman's hand.
    Hands the mail to Wednesday.
    As Mr. Hilliard is about to get out of his chair, it reaches up and pushes him back down in his chair.
    As Hilliard is leaving, it hands him his hat.
    When the phone rings, it picks up the receiver and hands it to Morticia.

  • Cast Trivia: This episode was created from the unaired pilot episode. John Astin was considered for the part of Lurch. Ted Cassidy's hand was used for most of the scenes involving Thing. For those scenes where Thing and Lurch were in the same scene, the director's hand was used.

  • Cast Trivia: The two primary stars - John Astin and Carolyn Jones - each made guest appearances as villains in Batman (1966). Astin as a substitute for Frank Gorshin as the Riddler, and Jones as Marsha Queen of Diamonds.

  • Family Tree

    Cousin Eustace. Morticia is knitting a turtleneck sweater for her. She apparently has a long neck. She might be related to the giraffe-like gentleman in one of the wall photos or perhaps she is a turtle.

  • Thing's Things
    While Lurch is playing the harpsichord, it reaches out and changes the page on the music.
    As Morticia reaches for the table lamp, it reaches out and shuts it off for her.
    After Gomez wonders aloud who's been stealing the paper, it knocks on its lid, opens it and gestures for him to come closer. When Gomez does, it closes the lid and taps out in Morse Code the name of the guilty party (Uncle Fester).
    As Uncle Fester dictates, it pens his lonely hearts letter
    As Wednesday and Morticia are discussing gifts for Uncle Fester, it knocks on the lid. When Morticia opens the lid, it hands her a gift-wrapped box. When she asks what it is, it beckons her closer and then taps out the answer in Morse Code (a shrunken head).
    Hands Uncle Fester the mail.
    As Miss Carver gets ready to flee, it closes her cosmetic bag for her.

  • Goofs.
    Hints in the dialog indicate that Pugsley is only ten years old. However, he is shown in a Boy Scout uniform. Boy Scouts are normally reserved for kids 11-17. Cub scouts are for boys 7-10. Of course, Pugsley is big for his age so perhaps that is why he has been "promoted."

  • Thing's Things

    After Morticia complains about the loud volume on the TV, it reaches out and turns it down.
    As Hilliard is about to get up and leave, it reaches out, grabs his hand and points him back to his chair.
    Answers the phone and gives the receiver to Gomez as Hilliard is talking to Morticia. Gomez tells Hilliard it's for him and puts the phone on the table. Hilliard approaches the table and it picks up the receiver and hands it to Hilliard Phone rings again and it picks it up and hands it to Morticia who tells it "Darling, you look a little tired. Why don't you just relax." Meanwhile, Hilliard continues to stare at the box the whole time.
    Answers the phone and hands it to Morticia (it's Hilliard)

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Allusions (8)

  • Gomez and Morticia chide Mr. Hilliard about some of the stories being taught children in school, especially Hansel and Gretel, which Morticia characterizes as "a story about juvenile delinquents pushing sweet old ladies into hot ovens.

  • When Wednesday comes home from her first day of school she is distraught because of some of the stories found in Grimm's Fairy Tales about the killing of a dragon. While no specific tale is mentioned it could have been "The Four Skillful Brothers." Grimm's Fairy Tales is a collection of 209 fairy tales gathered by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, the Brothers Grimm, in 1812.

  • At bedtime, Morticia is reading to Pugsley, "Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary..." The passage is from "The Raven", which heretofore is Pugsley's favorite book.

  • Gomez and Morticia are appalled when the find Pugsley dressed up in a Boy Scouts uniform. Cub scouting is designed for boys ranging in age from 7 to 10. Boy Scouts range in age from 11 to 17.

  • Rockland Cartwright I (The Beatnik) twice refers to Uncle Fester as "Curly" (an allusion to Curly Howard of The Three Stooges), since they both are adorned with bald heads.

  • Gomez' detective hat, pipe, and magnifying glass are clear allusions to the famous Sherlock Holmes.

  • Morticia alludes to "...Tojo and the Emperial Fleet". Premier Tojo was a virtual dictator of the Japanese Empire from their attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941, until his resignation from the government on July 19, 1944.

  • Morticia's sister Ophelia speaks with mildly archaic language, carries a bouquet of flowers, and likes jumping into pools of water. This is an allusion to Ophelia in Shakespeare's Hamlet, who carried a bouquet of flowers when she went crazy and died by falling into a stream.