The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

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Quotes (834)

  • Carl clones: No, no, not us, you got the wrong guys!

  • Jimmy: Carl have you been messing with the cloning machine again?

  • Hugh: When I was Jimmy's age, I too ran away from home. I made it about 3 blocks before my bladder gave out and I had to go home just to get a new diaper. Judy: You were Jimmy's age? Hugh: Ah, a little older actually. Judy: Oh!

  • Hugh: Hey, let me tell you a few things about love, Jimmy. You see, love is a many splendoured...thing. That's it. It's a splendoured thing, Jimmy!

  • Judy: That does it! I'm going after him. Hugh: Aw, now, Sugarbooger... Judy: Now don't you Sugarbooger me. Hugh: Sugarbooger... Judy: Nope, not listening. Hugh: Booger, Booger, Booger, Booger...

  • Ooblar: In a few moments, we will conquer the puny Earthlings-(notices Jimmy's hair) (in a teenage girl's voice) whoever cuts your hair, oh my God, like - (clears throat) with our superior technology!

  • Hugh: You're right, dear! This birthmark does resemble Leonardo DiCaprio!

  • Jimmy: What good is a ten-year-old if he can't test nuclear propulsion units?

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Notes (241)

  • Most, if not all of the scenes from the movie's teaser trailer were from this episode.

  • The Poster above Jimmy's Bed Says PI IN THE SKY

  • Megan Cavanagh, the voice of Judy Neutron ("Mom") and VOX, was credited as Megan Cavanaugh.

  • The voice acting was done badly in this episode. The video and audio were out of sync with each other.

  • Goddard has a different voice artist here than in the rest of the series

  • This was made in 1998 as a pitch to Nickelodeon for a new TV series, but ended up being the plot for a feature film, and then the Jimmy Neutron TV series was developed.

  • This episode has never aired, but it's on the DVD Confusion Fusion.

  • There is a book based on this movie called "Parent-free Day".

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Trivia (562)

  • In this short, Cindy wears a pink dress instead of her usual outfit.

  • The theme for this episode, with slightly different lyrics than the rest of the series, is done by the band Astroman.

  • The original, prototype Jimmy Neutron characters only had three fingers and a thumb. Also, Jimmy wore a striped shirt, and Carl had a very different outfit. Cindy's hair was also different in this episode than it is in the rest of the show

  • This episode is essentially a summary of the movie.

  • Although Hugh and Judy appeared in this episode they don't have names. They are just called Mom and Dad.

  • The radar says that there is no sign of adult life from, but when the kids are partying, you see Jimmy's teacher (who's tiny due to Jimmy's shrink ray) fighting a caterpillar. But isn't she an adult?

  • This is the only time Carl has shoulder straps.

  • When Goddard gives options in this movie, he reads them out loud. Later in the series, he is silent.

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Allusions (569)

  • Goddard: Star Wars What Goddard says as a comeback to Cindy's dog "speaking" Goddard says "Luke, I am your father" This is obvious reference to Star Wars and Darth Vader

  • Name: Jimmy Neutron Jimmy Neutron is a nickname that was given to James Chadwick for discovering the neutron.

  • Jimmy: Fasten your seatbelt, Goddard. It's gonna be a bumpy ride. This quote is based on rides at theme parks.

  • N/A: TV Land When Hugh is flipping through the channels, you see the TV Land symbol. Tv Land is an actual channel that shows mainly old shows.

  • N/A: Girl-Eating Plant The Girl-Eating Plant looks strikingly similar to that of Audrey II from the musical stage show and movie, Little Shop of Horrors.

  • Sheen: This is Ultralord! Ultralord is a reference to the 1966 Japanese television series Ultraman.

  • Ultralord: Apperance Ultralord, Sheen's action figure, seems to be a combonation of "Superman" and "Batman."

  • Spaceship Race: Concept The "sun scene," where Jimmy's spaceship is flying faster and being followed by the Yokian spaceships (all of which explode, save for Goobot's) is a spoof of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, when Anakin Skywalker competes in a race against Sebulba.

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