Who Framed Jimmy / Flippy

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Quotes (12)

  • Jimmy: (about Flippy) And then he threw Sheen across the lawn resetting your brain on Frape? Hugh: He did? Wow! I miss everything. Judy: Well, I guess I said quite enough for a while. Thank goodness things are back to normal. Hugh: You got that right. (Jimmy, Hugh and Judy are eating popcorn) Hugh: (as Flippy) Could you please pass the salt? (Jimmy and Judy are surprised)

  • Hugh: Knock, knock. Flippy: Be right there! Hugh: Wait, no! That's not it! (Jimmy dials his phone. Hugh picks up) Hugh: Hello? Neutron residence. Jimmy: (mexican accent) Si. This is Pancho's hat repair, your sombrero, she is ready. Hugh: Oh, goody! I'll be right over. (hangs up the phone) Honey! I'm off to pick up my sombrero!! I don't even know I own one. (leaves the room) (Jimmy takes Flippy to the lab)

  • Sheen: Wow! Those bear wrestling classes my dad made me take sure paid off.

  • Sheen: I see a bear. Carl: Is he a nice bear like a teddy bear or a mean one? (A bear appears and growls at them) Sheen: I'm going with...the mean one.

  • Officer Tubbs: (Putting handcuffs on Stormshuckle) How do you do it. Seriously, how do I do it?

  • Stormshuckle: Ahh! I'm blinded! Dang. I hope nobody's trying to escape!

  • Flippy: I want to be alive like you and your friends, except not your friends because they morons. (Carl and Sheen looked stunned)

  • Jimmy: Sheen, it's Jimmy! Sheen: You mean Jimmy Neutron, or Jimmy Carter the 39th President of the United States?

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Notes (1)

  • Villian Debut: Bueford Lee Stormshuckle

Trivia (5)

  • Flippy's first appearance was in "Attack of the Twonkies" and he made a cameo appearance on the money Cindy gave Carl in "Jimmy For President"

  • Third time we see the inside of Cindy's room.

  • Twonkies can be seen at the yard sale and as Flippy leaves in the car in "Flippy," and up in the tree during the bear sequence during "Who Framed Jimmy?."

  • Cindy's PJ's are the same as her karate uniform.

  • Usually, people who have wooden legs are suppose to limp or something but the real crook didn't act like he had a wooden leg at all.

Allusions (8)

  • Plot Jimmy and his friends are forced to work on a chain gang, overseen by Stormshuckle, who wears sunglasses. This may be a reference to the film Cool Hand Luke, where the title character is arrested and forced to work on a chain gang, overseen by Boss Godfrey, a man who wears sunglasses and never says a word the whole movie. Both Luke and Jimmy try to escape the gang.

  • Title screen music: Who Frammed Jimmy
    The music on the title screen on this episode is similar to the TV show Cops. The theme song is "Bad Boys".

  • Character: Bueford Lee Stormshuckle
    This character is a spoof of a sheriff of the movie Smokey and the Bandit his name was Bueford T. Justice.

  • Scene: Bear Chase While a bear chases Jimmy, Carl and Sheen, there are some spoofs to the show The Benny Hill Show, like the running gags or Carl patting a bald in the head.

  • Scene: Trash Picking This scene is similar to the movie Cool Hand Luke, especially when Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen refer to the warden as "boss" whenever they ask to do something.

  • Hugh and Flippy: Characters Hugh and Flippy kinda resembles the Batman villains Ventriloquist and Scarface. Flippy talks loudly like Scarface and Hugh gust keeps quiet like Ventriloquist

  • Flippy: Character Flippy is based on the book Goosebumps: "Night of the Living Dummy" by R.L Stine. Or he could be based off of Chucky from the horror movie Child's Play.

  • Who Framed Jimmy: Title "Who Framed Jimmy" is a reference to Who Framed Roger Rabbit.