The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Time Tunnel

Season 2, Ep 5, Aired 10/23/94
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  • Episode Description
  • While older Pete gets Endless Mike to help him score a date with Ellen, younger Pete plans to travel back in time at the end of daylight savings time. He plans his revenge on Endless Mike.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Michelle Trachtenberg

    Nona F. Mecklenberg

  • Toby Huss


  • Hardy Rawls

    Don Wrigley

  • Danny Tamberelli

    Little Pete Wrigley

  • Michael Marrona

    Big Pete Wrigley

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (10)

    • Stu: I've got a whole new outlook on things. Look. (Stu shows his "Let a Smile be your Umbrella" sign and smiles creepily at Pete) Plus, I'm driving my bus to the Arctic Circle, where I'm gonna tatto Sally's name to my forehead, strap myself to an iceberg and drift slowly off to sea. Big Pete: (nervously) Good plan, Stu. Do you mind if I get off before then? Stu: You sure? I brought sandwiches...

    • Big Pete: Hey Stu. How's it going? Stu: Sally left me again... over NOTHING!

    • (Big Pete gets on the mechanical horse) Bill: What's with you? Big Pete: I called Ellen and asked her out. We're going on a date tonight. (mechanical horse stops moving) Big Pete: What? Bill: Nothing. It's just, if it was supposed to happen with you guys, wouldn't it have happened by now? Big Pete: Not necessarily. We were just waiting for the right moment. Teddy: And you just decided that today was that day? Big Pete: It is the day. You want proof? Huh? How 'bout a little test?If the next car that drives by is, uh... I don't know, yellow... then Ellen and I are meant to be. Bill: Too easy. Teddy: Make it a yellow school bus. Big Pete: Okay, a yellow school bus. (Bus Driver Stu pulls his bus over in front of them) Stu: Get in.

    • Endless Mike: (eerily) Welcome to the future, Pete Wrigley...

    • Little Pete: (finds out that Big Pete took Endless Mike's car, and Mike is nowhere to be seen) Snot on a cracker!

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    Trivia (5)

    • The scene of Ellen opening her window is used in the opening theme song for season 3.

    • When Big Pete talks about his friendship with Ellen clips from Pete-Less, Valentines Day Massacre, and Day of the Dot are shown.

    • People in Older Pete's year are old enough to drive a car, but Endless Mike is the only student seen who can actually drive one.

    • Kreb Brands seen throughout episode: KrebStick underarm deoderant, Krebloggs cereal, KrebStore 24 grocery store, KrebStar clock

    • Both Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time begin at two o'clock in the morning, not midnight as stated in this episode. For Little Pete to have "time-traveled," he would have had to stay up until two and relive the one o'clock hour.

    Allusions (2)

    • Look Closely: At the 24 Hour Store, when Bill says "What's with you?" you can see that the store takes the credit cards KrebCard, Lisa, and what looks like an American Express Card. The first two cards are plays off of actual credit cards: MasterCard and Visa.

    • Kreb Brand: Krebloggs This alludes to the cereal brand Kelloggs and is seen on the cereal box that Little Pete is eating from to fuel his body with Riboflavin.

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