The Adventures of Sinbad

(ended 1998)
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  • S 2 : Ep 22

    Hell House

    Aired 5/24/98

  • S 2 : Ep 21

    The Guardians

    Aired 5/17/98

  • S 2 : Ep 20


    Aired 5/10/98

  • S 2 : Ep 19

    The Minotaur

    Aired 5/3/98

  • S 2 : Ep 18

    Survival Run

    Aired 3/8/98

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  • George Buza


  • Tim Progosh


  • Jacqueline Collen


  • Zen Gesner


  • Mariah Shirley


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  • Welcome to The Adventures of Sinbad guide at The Adventures of Sinbad is a re-telling of the adventures of the famous character from The Arabian Nights. Sinbad, along with his elder brother, Doubar, and the crew of his ship, the Nomad, sets sail from Baghdad in search of adventure and riches. Along the way the voyagers encounter strange tribes, evil wizards and giant sea monsters intent on destroying them.

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  • Quotes (84)

    • Prince: He's in the courtyard, about to be beheaded. Prince's Father: Beheaded?! Prince: Yeah, that's where you start off with a head and end up without one.

    • Firouz: Oh, good to see you again Sinbad. I...thought you were dead.

    • Sinbad: You have a lot of time on your hands, don't you? Firouz: Point of fact yes, but time is relative I believe.

    • Doubar: Sinbad? Little brother! Is that you? Sinbad: Doubar!

    • Executioner: Do you want a blindfold? Sinbad: May I ponder that choice for a moment or two?

    • Turock: How can you believe in good when evil blooms all around you?

    • Dim Dim(about Sinbad): Despite his looks, he's quite intelligent.

    • Doubar: Where do you think you're going? Maeve: Where do you think? To the ship. Get out of my way, Tubby. Mustapha: Whoa, whoa whoa, don't you know it's bad luck to have a woman on board a ship? Maeve: It's bad luck to have idiots around as well.

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    Notes (37)

    • The Series Premire. Part 1.

    • Dermott is played by Mia.

    • According to Ed Naha, Rongar was going to die in this episode but the plans changed. Mustapha's death was supposed to be more dramatic.

    • The Series Premire. Part 2.

    • Firouz invents the telescope. Sinbad bleeds during this episode.

    • Zen Gesner actually performed the fire breathing stunt.

    • Laura Steed, who appears as The Queen, returns in the season two finale as Mala, Sinbad's mother.

    • Tetsu was the chosen and respected warrior of a warlord, but when Tetsu learned the warlord was responsible for the death of his friends and family, he flee's from the Eastern Land he is from and is caught in a tempest, and goes on to get his rainbow bracelet.

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    Trivia (55)

    • Dermott, the falcon, seems to dislike Sinbad and Maeve obviously likes talking to him about it, which deeply annoys Sinbad.

    • When Sinbad first sees his brother, Douba is chained to a wall. But because he is so happy to see his little brother, Douba just walks over to him... tearing two enormous brick stones out of the wall and taking them along.

    • Highlights from 'The Beast Within' are shown prior to the episode's closing credits.

    • Viewers learn that Dermott is Maeve's brother during an interlude between Maeve and Dermott.

    • Firouz invents the exploding sticks.

    • Highlights from "Little Miss Magic" are shown prior to closing credits of this episode.

    • Rumina performs a belly dance.

    • Highlights from ' The Prince Who Wasn't ' are shown prior to the closing credits of the episode.

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    Allusions (4)

    • Tiresias: This was the name given to the seer who told Oedipus of his fate in the Greek Myth of Oedipus. In "The Prince Who Wasn't" a wise old man named Tiresias assists the Queen.

    • Loki: Trickster is known in Norse Mythology as Loki, the sneaky brother of Baldar and Thor.

    • Poseidon Posiedon is the Greek god of the sea and its creatures. He is the brother of Zeus and Hades. After the war with the Titans was finished, Zeus gave the underworld to Hades and sea to Posiedon, while taking the heavens and earth for himself. The Trident was often tattooed on sailors as a symbol of luck. The Sirens were famous for calling men to their death when they angered the creatures of the sea. In mythology, Ulysses was almost stopped by the sirens during his long journey home to Ithica.

    • Satan: The Lord of Darkness is the devil. Scratch is one of the Lord of Darkness' many manestifations.

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    By fred-1992, Feb 24, 2013

  • The Adventures of Sinbad Is A Must Watch and Despite Its Cheap Special Effects and Cliche Moments, It's Got Magics, Monsters and Cleavages.

    By psycho_path, Mar 19, 2009

  • Series ending

    By Quncistadore, Jan 25, 2009

  • A funny, entertaining show that doesn't take itself too seriously.

    By ajewell, Jun 29, 2008

  • One of those shows you love to hate, or is it hate to love?

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