The Adventures of TinTin

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  • Captain Haddock: Who are you? Tintin: A prisoner on this stinking tub of yours. Captain Haddock: Whu, I'll have you clapped in irons! No one slanders Captain Haddock's stinking tub! Tintin: I've had the full tour, thanks. I particularly liked your cargo hold full of drugs. Captain Haddock: Drugs? In my hold! Tintin: You didn't know?. Captain Haddock: Of course not! I'm an honest man! Who would do something like that? Tintin: Your first mate, Allan for starters. Captain Haddock: Impossible. Allan's a good sailor. Loyal, devoted... Tintin: And generous with the whiskey! Face it, you've been doublecrossed. By keeping you drunk, Allan runs the ship the way he wants, that includes smuggling drugs.

  • Captain Haddock: Doublecrossed! Horn swoggled! Tricked by my own crew. The shame of it all! (Breaks out crying) Tintin: Come on, Captain. Get a grip on yourself! He is not going to get away with this. But I need your help. You have to promise: no more drinking!

  • Allan: Drink up, Captain. This will make you feel better. Captain Haddock: (Spits the whisky out) No! (About Tintin) I promised him I wouldn't drink any more. Allan: Who? Who did you promise? Captain Haddock: I don't know. I've never seen him before!

  • Captain Haddock: We must be 60 miles from land with no food and nothing drink. We're goners. Tintin: Relax, Captain. Snowy and l have made it through harder times than this. Captain Haddock: 'Relax, Captain?' Relax! We're going to die out here, you landlubber! Tintin: No we won't! I radioed our plans to the police. It won't be long now. Captain Haddock: A seaplane! We're saved. I told you not to worry!

  • Captain Haddock: (About Tintin) Thundering typhoons! Nothing stops this boy!

  • Captain Haddock: Blistering barnacles!

  • Captain Haddock: Untie me, you Neanderthals! Tintin: Captain! Captain Haddock: Crooks! Confidence men! Allan: Yell all you want. No one's gonna hear you.

  • Thompson: We're conducting an investigation. A very 'discreet' investigation. Omar Ben Salaad: I see. And what is the nature of your investigation, gentlemen? Thompson: We think you're smuggling drugs. Omar Ben Salaad: By the beard of the prophet! How dare you? Get out! Or I'll have you flogged! Guards! Guards! Throw... Allan: Run for it, Omar! The jig is up!

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Notes (22)

  • Throughout the books, Snowy is frequently seen to be "talking". It is understood that his voice is only heard through the "fourth wall", but this verbal commentary is completely absent in the television series.

  • This episode was the first in the second television adaptation of Herge's books, for over twenty years (previously, the Belgian animation company Belvision had been responsible for their loose adaptations).

  • "The Crab with the Golden Claws" was adapted into a stop motion-animated feature film of the same name in 1947. It was the first ever film adaptation of Tintin and reproduces the story of the original comic almost exactly.

  • This episode has its continuation in 1x05 Red Rackham's Treasure.

  • Nestor is introduced in this episode, but he is the butler for the Bird brothers.

  • Marlinspike Hall, owned by the Bird brothers, will be revealed to be the family estate of Captain Haddock.

  • Professor Cuthbert Calculus is first introduced in this episode. He buys Marlinspike Hall for Captain Haddock with the money obtained by selling his shark submarine in gratitude of his cooperation testing it.

  • This episode is the continuation of episode 1x04 The Secret of The Unicorn (2).

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Trivia (54)

  • Goof: The seven of diamonds card doesn't have the number and the suit drawn in the corners unlike the other cards the Captain is playing.

  • Goof: When the pilot is first seen prisoner on the plane he is tied with a rope that goes round his chest. Later on, when he manages to free himself, he only has his hands tied at his back.

  • Captain Haddock is first introduced in this episode.

  • Haddock is seen drinking in the series, but not as heavily as in the books. "The Crab with the Golden Claws" is the only adventure where Haddock's drunken state is not reduced.

  • Herge can be seen a total of three times in this episode: as a passerby who helps Tintin up after he is attacked by the goons, his picture appears in a newspaper Tintin is reading and as a reporter who asks Tintin "What it's like to be a hero?". Also, Herge's letterbox can even be seen next to Tintin's when Bunji Kuraki tries to deliver Tintin a letter.

  • Why would Thomson and Thompson let Tintin take an artifact from police evidence? Sure, they're good friends, but wouldn't it be against procedure to let someone borrow something that's been confiscated?

  • Tintin mentions that he is originally from Brussels, Belgium.

  • Tintin's adventures have appeared in more than 120 million books, published in 45 languages and 50 countries.

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Allusions (2)

  • When Tintin is captured in the desert and made to work for the military, as he is sweeping the floor he mumbles to Snowy that this is another fine mess that he's gotten himself into! This is an allusion to Laurel & Hardy when Oliver Hardy used used to blame Stan Laurel for their problems by saying "This is another fine mess you've gotten us into"

  • Captain Haddock: l thought you weren't doing any interviews? Bianca Castafiore: Yes but the Paris-Flash is the Paris-Flash. Herge is alluding (both in the name and cover design) to the French magazine Paris Match, a weekly tabloid that covers international news as well as celebrity lifestyle features. With his depiction of the reporters, Herge jibes at the magazine's reputation for the questionable accuracy of its articles.