The Alaska Experiment

Discovery Channel (ended 2008)
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  • S 1 : Ep 8

    Back From the Wild

    Aired 6/10/08

  • S 1 : Ep 7

    Take the Long Way Home

    Aired 6/3/08

  • S 1 : Ep 6

    No Turning Back

    Aired 5/27/08

  • S 1 : Ep 5

    Alaska Bites Back

    Aired 5/20/08

  • S 1 : Ep 4

    Hunt Or Be Hunted

    Aired 5/13/08

  • Cast & Crew
  • Allan Aujero

    Team Flower Lake

  • Jeff Frederick

    Team Back Bay

  • Jasmine Kung

    Team Flower Lake

  • Bernice Pierson

    Team Hawkins Glacier

  • Greg Pierson

    Team Hawkins Glacier

  • show Description
  • Four teams of city people try to tough out the extreme conditions of the Alaskan wilderness in this Discovery Channel series. Each team of two to three people were sent to a different area of the wilderness, and had different dangers to avoid and difficulties to overcome. Hunger and exhaustion wears them all down, and the constant threat from bears and wolves shows them that they are no longer at the top of their food chains.moreless

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  • Quotes (36)

    • Greg: (as they fly into their new home) Are we going to see bears?
      Paul Claus: They're there. Whether you see them or not, that's another story.
      Donna Claus: I guarantee you, they will see you!

    • Jeff: When I look out at the mountains, the bay, and the woods behind me, I see a beautiful but inhospitable place. I don't think we're going to get to make many mistakes. What I see is a challenge everywhere I look.

    • Paul Claus: There's nothing that equates to the city life that's similar, here. Nothing. The things we take for granted in a city- running water, and electricity, doesn't exist here. People are used to turning on a tap and there the water comes out. Up there, it's haul it or don't have it.

    • Jasmine: (upon arriving at their cabin) At least we have a million dollar view. Because seriously, if we didn't have a good view...
      Alan: Wow, that's beautiful.

    • Greg: (camping out on the first night) This should keep us warm for tonight. It's dark here, huh? We'll sleep good tonight... except for all the bears.

    • Jeff: (living side by side with bears) You've always got to have your eyes open and you've always got to have your head on a swivel, constantly glassing tree lines, and looking into fields, and the edges of water 'til you see the food chain up close and that giant head peeking up through the grass- very humbling, very intimidating.

    • Bernice: (cooking the goat Jeff shot) Paul said it was a tradition to eat the heart, so he cooked it up for us. I was a little bit nervous to try it, but it was really good.

    • Greg: (climbing a mountain to hunt goat) This better be one tasty goat, 'cause my legs are like rubber. I'm hurting right now.

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    Notes (5)

    • Bear attacks was the biggest worry of the production crew, as well as that of the volunteers. One of the campsites, Icy Bay, has one of the largest populations of brown bears in Alaska.

    • The show's wilderness guides followed the volunteers as they traveled into the wild carrying high caliber hunting rifles just in case of an emergency, such as a bear attack.

    • The camera crews, who lived in tents just a short distance away from the tents of the volunteer, said that this was one of the toughest assignments they ever had. One of the cameramen had previously shot a number of films on Mt Everest, and said that this was just as difficult to endure.

    • The closing credits note that Jeff's father Joe L. Frederick passed away, living from 1944 to 2008.

    • Jeff and Elizabeth of Team Back Bay, having returned to New Jersey in the last episode, do not appear in this one.

    Trivia (16)

    • Most of the teams try fishing for salmon to get some protein in their diets. The fish spawn in fall, and aren't interested in eating, so they don't go for lures as they would at other times. However, their level of aggression is heightened at this time, so they will strike the lures if they are irritated sufficiently.

    • Three out of four of the groups do not make it to their campsites on the first day. Only the Wise's make it to their cabin before darkness forces them to pitch their tents.

    • Team Flower Bay: Focus is on collecting firewood. The two-man saw breaks at the handle, but Tim is able to repair it with just one day lost. Team Hawkins Glacier: Greg goes goat hunting in the Wrangell mountains, guided by Paul. The first hunt is cut short because of a snowstorm. The second try Greg shoots a goat, and brings it successfully back to camp. While he hunts, Bernice goes salmon fishing and gets three. Team Riou Point: The Wises' catch salmon and successfully can it all. Team Back Bay: Jeff and Elizabeth can salmon, but half of it is not prepared properly, and is spoiled.

    • Carolyn goes moose hunting, which can be quite dangerous. More people are killed yearly by moose than by bears.

    • Team Hawkins Glacier: Greg and Bernice butcher the goat Jeff killed, but wolves are beginning to circle the cabin. Jeff goes hunting for wolves to protect his food supply. They also search for running water, but find everything is frozen. Team Flower Lake: Paul and Donna visit and teach the trio how to hunt. Tim bags a rabbit, and Allan a squirrel, both of which Jasmine cooks. Team Riou Point: Neil Webster, a professional hunting guide, teaches Carolyn how to shoot and takes her moose hunting. They see a moose, but are unable to get a shot at it in the thick foliage. Team Back Bay: Jeff and Elizabeth see another bear, but are unable to find much additional food for themselves. Jeff improvises a crab trap, but they can't get the traps out deep enough to catch any.

    • Icy Bay, where Team Riou Point and Team Back Bay are located, is the wettest part of Alaska. It gets over 200 inches of rain annually.

    • Team Back Bay: Jeff and Elizabeth go moose hunting with Neil Webster. They hear a moose in the thick brush, but never get a shot at it. Team Hawkins Glacier: Bernice is sick, possibly food poisoning from the goat, because the temperatures have been above freezing there for a few days. Greg tries to do the work of two to get them ready for winter. Bernice recovers, and they get back to work. Team Flower Lake: Tim draws the short straw, and goes mountain goat hunting with Paul Claus' son Jay. He shoots a goat, and is able to pack over 100 lbs of meat and fat back to the cabin, where they all feast on it. Team Riou Point: The family prepares their cabin for the coming winter, and tightens their belts after their failure in the previous moose hunt. They also find some berries, and make preserves.

    • Team Flower Lake: The three are feeling confident of having plenty of supplies for winter, so they take what they believe will be a 4-5 day hike to Hawkins Glacier to vist Greg and Bernice. But they encounter unexpected pitfalls, and arrive seven days later with no food or water. Team Hawkins Glacier: With wolves circling the cabin daily, Greg and Bernice spend more and more time in the cabin, but find cabin fever can be just as frightening as wolves. Team Back Bay: With dwindling food supplies, Jeff and Elizabeth hike to the ocean to look for clams, but find the Wises' out having a fun day in the snow, and stay with their neighbors overnight. Team Riou Point: The three are getting tired of salmon, but when Jeff and Elizabeth drop by for a visit, they learn that they have many blessings to be envied, and many accomplishments to feel proud of attaining.

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    Allusions (1)

    • Title This episode's title echoes the award winning book Into the Wild by John Krakauer, which chronicles the last days of Christopher McCandless, who hitchhiked to Alaska to spend some time pitting himself against the wilderness only to die a few months later.

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