The All-New SuperFriends Hour

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Quotes (3)

  • Goof: When Zan is first seen at the tennis court, his chest insignia is inverted; That is, a purple "Z" inside a yellow triangle.

  • Barko: And so, by virtue of my own design, I am ruler of the world! (The Neanderthals cheer) Robin: (Whispering) I think Barko is wacko! Batman: (Yelling) You'll never get away with this, Barko! The SuperFriends will stop you! Barko: If the SuperFriends dare to go near my time tunnel, which is hidden beneath this fortress, it will automatically self-destruct. And as for you, Batman and Robin, you are about to take a short trip--straight down! (Pulls a cord and the Dynamic Duo fall down a trap door into a cage)

  • Jayna: See any weird women, Zan? Zan: Only you, super sis. Jayna: As a wonder brother, you could be a lot more wonderful.

Notes (22)

  • First appearance of Exxor's Wonder Twins, Zan, Jayna, and their space monkey Gleek, Junior SuperFriends created specifically for this and subsequent SuperFriends series.

  • Comic book superhero Black Lightning was orignally meant to be used for this SuperFriends series, but once Hanna-Barbera learned they had to pay creator Tony Isabella royalties for use of the character, they created Black Vulcan instead.

  • First appearance of Black Vulcan, an ethnic superhero created specifically for this and subsequent SuperFriends series.

  • First appearance of Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

  • First appearance of Rima.

  • First appearance of the Atom.

  • This is the only Wonder Twins short in which Jayna and Zan don't take the forms of an eagle and water, respectively.

  • First appearance of Apache Chief, an ethnic superhero created particularly for this and subsequent SuperFriends series.

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Trivia (100)

  • Goof: Batman's chest insignia is reverse-colored (a gold bat inside a black oval) on two occasions; First, before he and Wonder Woman leave the Hall of Justice, and second, when he contacts her via radio when they try to carry out their first plan to stop Dr. Cranum.

  • Goof: In the titlecard, Zan and Jayna's letter insignias are backward.

  • Goof: Robin's "R" insignia is missing at the very end of this episode.

  • Goof: The "A" logo on the Aqua Scooter changes from red to blue, then back to red during this episode.

  • Goof: Batman's chest insignia is inverted (a gold bat in a black oval) when he and Aquaman capture the Hydronoids' leader.

  • Goof: Aquaman's right glove is missing then reappears when he contacts Batman after spotting the Hydronoids' spacecraft.

  • Goof: When Robin sees Wonder Woman freeing Superman, who was encased in ice, his right glove is missing before it reappears.

  • Goof: When Batman contacts Superman via radio, it looks like Superman is speaking when Batman tells him the creature escaped into the swamp.

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Allusions (3)

  • The title and idea for this episode comes from an old silent serial from 1921 called The Secret Four.

  • The title of this episode is a take on the French novel and eventual U.S. movie series Planet of the Apes.

  • The time tunnel machine used in this episode looks similar to the same named technology used in the late 1960's TV series The Time Tunnel, which starred James Darren and Robert Colbert as the time travellers lost in time as a result of using the experimental machine.