The Alvin Show

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Quotes (4)

  • Dave: Somebody save my Alvin!
    (he, Simon, and Theodore run into a cop)
    Cop: Hold it!
    (Dave stops)
    Cop: What's all the panic, mister?
    Dave: Alvin! A bear ate Alvin!
    Cop: Now, calm down. Calm down. These park bears wouldn't eat Alvin. Uh, who's Alvin?
    Dave: (all panicky) Alvin is the cutest, the sweetest, the greatest...!
    Simon: Hey, Dave!
    Dave: And I tell ya, a bear did eat Alvin, and...!
    Theodore: Dave! DAVE!
    Cop: You shouldn't get hysterical in front of the kids, mister.
    Dave: I demand justice, sir! GET THAT BE--!
    Simon and Theodore: Alvin's diggin' gold!!
    Dave: What?! Simon, Theodore, what did ya say?!
    Simon: Alvin's diggin' gold, Dave!
    Theodore: Yeah! (giggles) He probably just lost his cap!
    Dave: (relieved) Oh, thank goodness! (furiously) Why, that little...!
    Cop: Now that we solved your problem, sir, you'll excuse me. I've got a problem of my own. I'm up here looking for a payroll bandit. Now, if you'll keep an eye open for my bandit, I'll keep an eye open for your Alvin.
    Dave: Yeah. Well, swell, Officer. Thanks a lot. (reacts) BANDIT!?!?!?!?!?!
    (he sets off to find Alvin)

  • Dave: There's so many things to see and enjoy, boys. Nature's children are all around us. And if we don't alarm them, they'll be our friends. And if we're kind to them, they'll be kind to us. They can teach us many lessons. Can you name one, Alvin?
    (during his talk, Alvin sneaks out, but a bear grabs his hat)
    Dave: Alvin? Alvin?
    (he suddenly sees the bear with Alvin's hat on)

  • Alvin: (tries to help the others re-pitch the tent) I'm goin' off and find some gold.
    Dave: Never mind the gold, Alvin. Just go off and find some water.
    (Alvin angrily sets off)
    Alvin: "Alvin, go find the water." Why can't Simon find water? Why can't Theodore find water?! Always Alvin! "Alvin this, Alvin that! Alvin! Alvin! Alvin! Alvin!"!
    (suddenly, a geyser, where the tent is accidentally pitched, starts heavily spouting water, and it pushes the tent and Dave up)
    Dave: Alvin! Shut it off! SHUT... IT... OFF!!!
    (the geyser stops, and Dave lands safely on the ground)
    Dave: Alvin, why do ya always overdo things?!

  • Dave: Doggone it. It's still rainin', fellas.
    Alvin: I guess we'll hafta call off the great nature hike. Huh, Dave?
    (outside the other side of the tent, Theodore feels no rain)
    Theodore: It's not rainin' out here, Dave!
    Dave: Now, Theodore, how can it be raining in front of the tent, and not at the...
    (he suddenly looks from the other side of the tent)
    Dave: Well, whattaya know?!
    (he and the Chipmunks exit the tent and see...)
    Dave: Hey, fellas! Look! We pitched the tent under a waterfall!
    Alvin: (w/his shovel in hand) Yeah! You sure did, you old "woodsman", you.
    Dave: Wait a minute, Alvin. Where ya goin'?
    Alvin: I told ya! I'm gonna dig for gold.
    Dave: No, you're not going to dig for gold. You're gonna help us move that tent! We all slept in the tent, so...
    Alvin: (very angry) I know. I know. Teamwork!

Notes (10)

  • The songs Buffalo Gals and Mexico: The Brave Chipmunks are featured in this episode.

  • In this episode, the songs Italy - Oh Gondaliero and August Dear are featured.

  • The songs Old MacDonald: Cha Cha Cha and When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again are featured in this episode.

  • Japanese Banana and Stuck in Arabia are in this episode.

  • The songs Chipmunks Fun and Alvin for President are featured in this episode.

  • Spain and Witch Doctor are the songs that are in this episode.

  • The songs in this episode are Swing Low, Sweet Chariot and Coming around the Mountain.

  • Three Blind-Folded Mice and Clemintine are featured in this episode.

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