The Amazing Race: Meet the All-Star Cast of Season 24, Featuring Brenchel, Bopper and Mark, the Globetrotters, and More

By Jen Trolio

Jan 27, 2014

The Amazing Race returns for its 24th season full of international adventures on Sunday, February 23, and unlike its fellow reality stalwart Survivor, which has an all-new cast for the first time in recent memory, the show is once again dipping into the all-star well. CBS has just announced the 11 teams who will return to the show to compete for $1 million smackeroos in another trip around the world; click through the gallery below to find out who's coming back for more fun with language barriers, misplaced passports, and watermelons to the face, then name your favorites in the comments!

The Amazing Race returns for Season 24 on Sunday, February 23 at 8pm on CBS.

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  • MarlboroMagpi Jan 28, 2014

    One more thing to add. I remembered all of them except the last team from previous season meaning they are really ALL-Stars !

  • MarlboroMagpi Jan 28, 2014

    Actually while survived always had returnees, the amazing race did not have returnees for the longest time so it is good that they are doing an all-stars season. I am looking forward to it.

    It would be even more interesting if they get survivors stars to do an amazing race season and vice-versa. I would definitely be excited to watch that especially some amazing race contestants are "amazingly nice" people that I wonder if they would survive "survivor" !

  • adamonfire Jan 28, 2014

    Is this show about white people?

  • Colin_Rob_Rock Jan 28, 2014

    I am happy to see Brandon/Rachel (but surprised), Caroline/Jennifer (Also Surprised), Bopper/Mark (if it is really both of them), John/Jessica and David/Connor.
    Disappointed to see Margie/Luke, Cowboys, Twinni, YouTube.
    The reason The Afgahns are back is because they got cheated in there last season because Nicole incorrectly competed the detour.
    And don't care about the globtrotters.

  • CherokeeRose4 Jan 28, 2014

    Why Brendan & Rachel?! Why?! They're not even good entertainment!

    Other than that, glad for most of the teams that are trying again. Just hope its a better season than the last one.

  • AndrewHart Jan 27, 2014

    Who the hell thought it was a good idea to bring back Brenchel and The Afghanamos? That person should be fired. Oh and GO TWINNIES!!!

  • MarlboroMagpi Jan 28, 2014

    The show must have some villains for viewers to hate and some "good" teams for viewers to cheer !

  • loomis8813 Jan 27, 2014

    So excited about this season now. Happy to see the Twinnies, Meghan and Joey, and David and Connor. I really dislike Maggie and Luke and Brenchal so I hope they don't make it far. I feel like this is a really dramatic group and I hope they don't focus on that too much. I like The Amazing Race because of the places and the tasks that they do, don't like when they show too much petty bickering.

  • marknmo Jan 27, 2014

    I like the Cowboys, but I'd rather see the Chippendales back instead. I've never been able to stand Flight Time and Big Easy - I always thought they had poor sportsmanship. Same with the Afghanimals.

    Actually, looking at the cast, I'm disappointed in more than half of the teams.

    I'll be happy to see the country singers again. I'm also happy to see Rachel and Brendon again, though I kinda dread it cause I find their meltdowns embarrassing. Yep, those are the only two teams I'm happy are returning.

  • osdawaya16 Jan 27, 2014

    Yay the Cowboys! I used to follow Cord when I watched PBR...Don't get the right channels anymore but I'm happy they're back. I know who I'm rooting for!

  • CalumRobertson Jan 27, 2014

    oi vey, and I thought Survivor was bad at casting All-Star seasons.

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