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    By njbob, 2 days ago

    Best show on TV

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    Decent show for Cold War/spy movie lovers

    By notaspy1, Jan 10, 2015

    It's not all action and you have to focus on subtitles and terminology (and be somewhat familiar with history) but it's a decent show for those who enjoy spy stuff of the Cold War era. The show puts both sides in perspective; both Americans and Russians are shown as human beings with their own problems and feelings, aside from being brainwashed or manipulated by their governments.

    The show actually reminded me of House of Cards.

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    I tried but I can't

    By misonostufato, Dec 17, 2014

    I tried a couple of times to watch it. But at episode 5 I gave up. This is so not interesting. The characters are dumb, the plot is boring. I can't see why someone loves it so much.

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    By Thatstheticket, Jul 06, 2014

    This show should have been great. But unlikable characters and shoddily composed story lines have caused it to fall far short of its promising potential. I love a good anti-hero story, but I simply could not bring myself to root for Elizabeth and Philip. Elizabeth, a supposedly brilliant secret agent, is blinded by her own brainwashed upbringing/training to the point of annoyance. She refuses, for instance, to let her daughter go to church camp because "that's how they get indoctrinate them when they're young"-- does she seriously not pause for a moment to contemplate how old SHE was indoctrinated? Really? The story lines are imbued with a darkness reminiscent of a Breaking Bad or Fargo, but without any of the redeeming qualities that would render the show worth watching.moreless

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    It's fun to be the bad guy sometimes

    By CosmoCramer1, Jun 01, 2014

    Much like The Sopranos, I love how this show gets you so close to the characters and their beliefs and how they think that what they are doing is right and just that you realise you're rooting for the people who in real life are the baddies. This takes some very clever writing, great acting and relatable pressures, because otherwise we would see only the values and the poliics, the red army, the evil. Instead we are presented with humans, families, realistic people who have grown up in a harsh war-torn country that needs change, and they think they have found it, they think everything is worth creating this better world.

    So when you see these people trying to make the world a better place, it's all too easy to forget the world they want isn't the same as the one we want. It challenges our concepts and values and how we make our decisions. This challenge to our values and which side we are on can help to reinforce how lucky we are and that fighting against communism was the right move at the time.

    But ultimately, entertainment and story-teling allows us to imagine and experience events and feelings we would never have in real life, so a show like this is addictive, because sometimes, it's fun to play the "badmoreless

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    Wasted Potential

    By thermalmotion, Jun 01, 2014

    This shows great premise is completely squandered by the poor, incoherent writing. Somehow they've managed to blow a great love story between two likeable leads within the first several episodes and it continues to devolve into a soapy mess.

    This show even manages to make sex uninteresting.

    What a shame.

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    A Beautiful Wall

    By Truffles, May 16, 2014

    I like the show but I LOVE the quilt on the wall behind their bed. How can I get a copy of the pattern?

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    What is the Vault?

    By LeeJam2, May 11, 2014

    In the FBI office where Stan Beeman works, there is a room they call "The Vault".

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows why it would be called that and what makes it special?

    Presumably, it would be sound proof, bullet proof, maybe even lead lined to protect the occupants from X-rays?

    We've seen it used in moments of National Security threats - like when the President was shot. In what other circumstances would it be used?

    I would think that if a nuclear bomb ever exploded in Washington, there would probably be little point in thinking that room would provide any protection or would still be able to communicate with other government agencies.

    But I'm curious to know if anyone here has any opinions as to what other kinds of qualities would be built into that room and when and how the FBI might expect to use it?moreless

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    Confusion over who the bad guys really are

    By Aardvark2013, Apr 06, 2014

    I'm upset when I read that supposedly loyal Americans are actually rooting

    for the 2 evil enemy agents, Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings. Remember that they

    are in this country to serve their Kremlin masters and undermine our way of life. Phillip

    killed an FBI agent (Amador) and Elizabeth murdered a neighborhood watch policeman

    in cold blood. They threatened the lives of both the maid's son and a warehouse

    worker and are using their own children as innocent cover for their nefarious

    activities. I realize that this is just tv drama but I hope that, in the end of the

    series, Phillip and Elizabeth meet a very unpleasant end.moreless

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    Losing Interest

    By gigigsimmons, Apr 03, 2014

    The show is beginning to lose my interest. I'm finding it quite an insult to my intelligence that I'm assaulted with every 8 minutes another sexual situation scene. How many times can we watch a fictionally married couple have sex? Have the writers of the show run out of KGB story lines already? I will discontinue watching the show unless the writers come up with better content for viewing. If I want to watch a couple having sex on the screen, I can log onto the internet at any given time. I was hoping to be entertained in a more intelligent fashion, by way of a witty writer giving me a story of a KGB Agent. .moreless

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