The Andy Griffith Show

CBS (ended 1968)
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  • The Andy Griffith Show is definitely a TV classic. It ran from 1960 to 1968, producing 249 episodes.The main character, Andy (Andy Griffith), was a widowed father of a polite little boy named Opie (Ron Howard) and is a sheriff, who works with nervous and very suspecting Barney Fife (Don Knotts). They all live in the nice southern town of Mayberry. But, Mayberry can get a little dangerous when the town drunk, Otis Campbell (Hal Smith), is on the loose. Thelma Lou (Betty Lynn) is Barney's sweetheart, although Andy had to help him describe his feelings to her. Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier) is the very loving and caring but stern housekeeper for Andy and Opie. Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors) is a bone-headed, thoughtless, but humorous character. He is a gas attendant. Goober Pyle (George Lindsey) is Gomer Pyle's cousin. They are very alike, you could say, and arrive in Mayberry when Gomer decides to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. The show had two spin-offs: Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. and Mayberry R.F.D.Top 20 Ratings: 1960-1961 - #4 1961-1962 - #7 1962-1963 - #6 1963-1964 - #5 1964-1965 - #4 1965-1966 - #6 1966-1967 - #3 1967-1968 - #1Awards for The Andy Griffith Show: Don Knotts won five Emmy Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Comedy: 1961, 1962, 1963, 1966, and 1967.Frances Bavier won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Comedy in 1967.moreless

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  • S 9 : Ep 250

    Return to Mayberry

    Aired 4/13/86

  • S 8 : Ep 30

    Mayberry R.F.D.

    Aired 4/1/68

  • S 8 : Ep 29

    A Girl for Goober

    Aired 3/25/68

  • S 8 : Ep 28

    Opie and Mike

    Aired 3/18/68

  • S 8 : Ep 27

    Sam for Town Council

    Aired 3/11/68

  • Cast & Crew
  • Andy Griffith

    Sheriff Andy Taylor

  • Ron Howard

    Opie Taylor (as Ronny Howard)

  • Don Knotts

    Deputy Barney Fife (1960-1965)

  • Frances Bavier

    Aunt Bee Taylor

  • George Lindsey

    Goober Pyle (1964-1968)

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  • Quotes (302)

    • Andy: Mayberry to headquarters...Mayberry to headquarters! Captain, you might as well answer, 'cause I'm gonna keep callin' till you do! Capt. Barker: What is it, Sheriff? Andy: Oh, hello there, Captain! I just wanted to let you know where you can catch your criminal! Capt. Barker: You've got him cornered? Andy: Let's just say we've made the necessary arrangements. Now, if you and your men will come down the Crystal Creek Road...oh, that's right, you don't know how to get here, either. Tell you what do...go over to my house and pick up my boy, Opie. Now, anybody can tell you how to get there. He'll show you how to get here. Ten-four! Capt. Barker: But, Sheriff... Andy: I'm sorry, I done ten-foured ya! (cuts off radio, turns to Barney) Andy: Felt good to get it in first for a change!

    • Andy:...10-4. Capt. Barker: But Sheriff! Andy: I'm sorry, I done 10-4ed ya!

    • Andy: If I was a criminal and I was heading through them woods, I'd stop off at Emma Brand's house. Barney: You would? Andy: For sure. Now you know there ain't a day that goes by that Emma don't make a batch of pies and put 'em in the window to cool. Well, you know it's pretty hard on the average fellow to pass by without sniffin' and a-hungerin' for a slice of pie. You can just imagine what that's gonna do to a starvin' escapee. Yeah. Let's go on over there.

    • Andy: Who knew a cousin of mine would make such a fine deputy?

    • (after Andy, Barney and Jim play a song together) Aunt Bee: You sure brighten up this place when you get arrested. Andy: He sure does. Jim: Thank you again. You know, Andy told me we gonna have chicken and dumplin's. Aunt Bee: And that is what it is. Andy: Let's see, let's see, let's see … Hmmm, don't that look good enough to eat! Jim: Hey, you know somethin'? I'd rather be arrested by you folks than anybody I know.

    • Andy: Jim? Jim: Huh? Andy: Why in the world don't you do somethin' about yourself? Jim: What do you mean, Andy? Andy: Well, you got a fine talent there. You're the best guitar player I ever heard. Jim: Oh, well, that's mighty nice a you, Andy … but Mayberry ain't very big. Andy: Well, now, who says you got to stay in Mayberry? You heard all these fellas that come through here playin' in the shows. How 'bout that fella we see every now and then on television - a shakin' and a screamin' - sound like somebody's beatin' his dog. You're better than all of them.

    • Emma: Sheriff, I came to report a murder! Andy: A MURDER! Emma, who's been murdered? Emma: ME! Andy: Well Emma, there's just one teensy little ain't dead.

    • Andy: Dadburn it, I'm the sheriff and I'm bound and determined to do my duty! Barney: Where you going? Andy: Home to get permission from my son to do it!

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    Notes (324)

    • A couple of times Andy mentions his Aunt Lucy. She was apparently an early manifestation of Aunt Bee.

    • When Andy makes his first appearence, the crowd wildly applauds. He was already a popular stand up comedian and had been seen on television.

    • Although Andy's late wife is rarely discussed or mentioned in the regular series, Andy and Opie have a rather detailed conversation about her in the pilot. Andy says that she died when Opie was just a "little speck of a baby."

    • The only two characters that make the transition from Pilot to series are Andy and Opie Taylor. Frances Bavier appears as the widow Henrietta, she would portray Aunt Bee in the series. This episode also establishes the character of the town drunk who locks himself into jail when he's intoxicated. Frank Cady, of Hooterville fame, played this character in the pilot (Will Hoople) but it was Hal Smith who would play loveable town drunk Otis Campbell in the series. Edit - there is actually a third character in the pilot who shows up in the regular series - Sarah, Mayberry's phone operator.

    • Sarah, the telephone operator is mentioned in the series, but was never seen in any episode.

    • Frank Ferguson makes his first appearance was Wilbur, Roses new husband. Ferguson would appear throughout the series as Mr. Foley, the grocer.

    • In this episode Andy first mentions the fact that he was at least partially raised by Aunt Bee, seeming to imply that Andy was possibly an orphan. Aunt Bee also mentions that "all those younguns" she raised have grown up, implying that Aunt Bee raised a number of children not her own. This could possibly be Andy's siblings though none are ever mentioned in the series.

    • The front porch of the Taylor home is a slightly different in this episode. It's much shorter and there's a wall just to the right of the front windows so that the porch doesn't go all the way to the driveway. It can be seen in the epilogue.

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    Trivia (237)

    • In the pilot Andy was Sheriff of Mayberry, Justice of the Peace, and editor of the Mayberry Gazette. By the time the regular series aired he was only Sheriff and Justice of the Peace. By the third season it was generally conveyed that he was just the Sheriff.

    • When Barney is booking Emma Watson for jaywalking, look closely and you'll see that both courthouse doors are open. This is the first of only two times in the entire series that the left hand door (if you're inside the courthouse facing the doors, the one with the mail slot) is opened. The other episode is season five's The Rehabilitation of Otis.

    • Opie mentions his dog Gulliver. As a boy, Ron Howard had a dog named Gulliver.

    • In this episode, Barney is referred to as Andy's cousin.

    • About 15:11 into this first episode, when Andy is up in Opie's room for the second time, the shadow of a boom microphone comes into view on the wall near the upper right corner of the picture. After a second or two it moves up out of view. Then, as Andy lays across the bed to talk with his son, the shadow reappears, follows him and settles mostly out of the picture on the right. When Andy gets up from the bed, at about 16:15, the whole shadow appears again from the right and follows him for several seconds. The shadow travels left across the wall, is lost in the shadow of the open doorway, then reappears and crosses the top edge of the open door, reverses and drops down to settle on the right side of the door at the edge of the picture.

    • In a scene often edited from network reruns, Otis, the town drunk, makes his first appearance - and we learn that he's not only an alcoholic, he's in the church choir!

    • In this episode Emma Brand (later Watson) (played by Cheerio Meredith), lives by the lake. A few episodes later (in Ellie Comes to Town) she lives in town.

    • Andy refers to Barney as his cousin once more in this episode.

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    Allusions (62)

    • In this episode Andy describes a singer he saw on TV jerking and shaking "like someone was beating his dog." This is most likely a reference to Elvis Presley's infamous appearance on The Milton Berle Show circa 1956. Elvis's gyrations were so intense that they were deemed too sensual for TV and he was broadcast from the waist up on most stations.

    • After seeing Barney all dressed up for the picnic/dance, Andy calls him The Adolphe Menjou of Mayberry. Adolphe Menjou was an actor who was voted Best Dressed Man in America nine times.

    • Barney mentions Western sidekick actor Gabby Hayes and Aunt Bee mentions actor Rock Hudson.

    • Barney is talking about someone from Mayberry who went to Hollywood and took a tour of the Star's Home and the bus took them to Gary Cooper's house where they got out and looked at his newspaper. This is the exact scene that was filmed in "Taylor's go to Hollywood" six years later--except that Cooper's house was replaced with Cesar Romero's.

    • The title of this episode was taken from the 1944 Frank Capra film, Arsenic and Old Lace, which featured two elderly, homicidal sisters (in this episode they are moonshiners).

    • Episode Title: Bringing Up Opie The title is based on the 1938 film, Bringing Up Baby.

    • Barney notes the Baked Alaska they are served during the club dinner - Baked Alaska is unique in that's it's the only dish made with ice cream that's actually baked in an oven. Baked Alaska (also known as glace au four, omelette à la norvégienne, Norwegian omelette and omelette surprise) is a dessert made of ice cream placed in a pie dish lined with slices of sponge cake or Christmas pudding and topped with meringue. The entire dessert is then placed in an extremely hot oven for just long enough to firm the meringue. The meringue is an effective insulator, and in the short cooking time needed, it prevents the heat from getting through to the ice cream. Barney actually wasn't that far off when he said it was a new dessert they came up with since Alaska became a state. This dessert was first called "Baked Alaska" in 1876 when Delmonico's Restaurant in New York City named it in honor of the newly acquired territory of Alaska.

    • Otis and the Gordon Boys affectionately refer to Aunt Bee's little prison as "The Rock". This is an allusion to Alcatraz Federal Prison - as immortalized in the motion picture The Rock, starring Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage. It was still in operation at the time of this episode, but it would be closed forever in 1963. Alcatraz was America's most notorious prison - from which, it was said, no prisoner could, or ever did, escape. The Clint Eastwood film, Escape From Alcatraz (1979) told the story of the only escape in which the escapees were neither captured nor their bodies recovered - an "escape" which occurred in June of 1962, three months after this episode aired. Although officials at the time insisted that there was no way the inmates could have survived and made it safely to the mainland, the television series MythBusters claims to have proven that it could be done. As recently as September of 2009, the escape was still being investigated by the U.S. Marshals Service. In any case, what is known is that no one ever escaped from Aunt Bee "Bloody Mary" Taylor's "Rock"!

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