Aunt Bee the Crusader

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    Aunt Bee the Activist!

    By lstaltari, Aug 08, 2005

    This indeed is a very good episode, made truly special by the wonderful acting talents of Frances Bavier, Aunt Bee. Her righteous indignation and staunch stupport of a local farmer being evicted from his family home by the government's need for his land, is a sight to behold. She organizes a protest and is defiant in the face of Andy's insistence that this is the government's right. Andy doesn't like this man--but he's not really sure why. When Barney and Andy discover a still in his barn, because of Opie's looking for a chicken that the farmer had promised him, the episode comes to a climax. Watching Aunt Bee apologize to Andy is also very, very funny. For fans of Aunt Bee this is a MUST SEE!moreless

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