My Fair Ernest T. Bass

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  • 8.5

    Ernest T finally getting that woman!

    By grfrey, Aug 06, 2015

    Originally aired 2/64. Being 9 & in 4th grade still in West Balto MD, I might have seen this like when. But in the DVR & MeTV age, I am almost 61 & was seen at 8:30 AM on 8/6/15. I was out here on the C wondering if Howard Morris (Ernest T) & Jackie Joseph are still alive & what they are up to 2 day. I get what this episode is all about. I am soo glad that I can review this. Loved it like just about all the shows leading up 2 this 1. Thank u for having this. Let's not 4 get the great Doris Packer whom I grew up with Leave it to Beaver & Dobie Gillis.moreless

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  • 9.2

    One of the very funniest episodes in the history of the show.

    By JamieHernandez, Mar 28, 2006

    This one is hilarious. I crack up every time I hear Ernest T. say, "Good Evenin' Mrs. Wiley". The scene at the party is a classic, especially when he breaks the vase on that poor guys head, and then throws that girl over his shoulder and runs in the yard!

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