Opie the Birdman

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    By Ritzik, Oct 03, 2008

    One of the quintessential episodes that perfectly melds humor, drama and warmth. Barney's "bird talk" scene is priceless and the final exchange between Opie and Andy is one of the best ever written for the small screen. If you're not reaching for a Kleenex at the conclusion, check your heartbeat. A must see for any budding Andy Griffith Show fans....and an all time favorite of Andy veterans. Along with Man In A Hurry, this episode manages to wrap up all of the qualities that have made this show legendary. The sterotypical "I laughed, I cried," but it rings true in this case.moreless

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    By ellienburg, Sep 03, 2005

    THE BEST EVER!!! T. V. needs more programs like this. But alas, we do not have writers and produces today that can do this type of programs.

    I use this program in my church for adults. None could be better.

    Please do\'t ever colorize this original program.

    Thanks for the chance of reviewing this once =in= a lifetime production.

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