Opie's Drugstore Job

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Notes (2)

  • This is Arnold Bailey's last appearance in the series.

  • Notice in this episode that Andy decides to purchase the Blue Moonlight perfume (at $60 a bottle) without ever smelling of it.  If he had both he and Opie would have realized the bottle contained water, not perfume.  On top of that, Opie breaks the entire bottle and never notices that the liquid contained inside has no smell.  Seems highly unlikely but I suppose the plot doesn't quite work otherwise!

Trivia (1)

  • One of the general themes of the Andy Griffith show demonstrating moral character of the individual. This particular episode was memorable, as Opie tries to make good after breaking a bottle of perfume, replacing it by spending all his savings, and then finding out the perfume bottle that was broken had contained colored water, not expensive perfume.