The Andy Griffith Show

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    My favorite TV sictom

    By Thefishslayer, Jul 31, 2014

    I Love it

    I love it

    I LOVE IT!!!

    My favorite TV sitcom and maybe even my favorite TV show

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    A Great Show!

    By amanda2004ok, Feb 25, 2014

    Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, and Ronny Howard were great in this show. It is a comedy that shows the relationship a father and a son can have. As well as the relationship of friends. Andy Taylor is the sherriff of Mayberry and Barney Fife is his funny deputy. Andy is a single parent to a little boy named Opie. Andys aunt helps take care of them and is sweet woman. On the show she is called "Aint B" Overall a fun, family series that will make you laugh.moreless

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    andy griffith show

    By BobbyBrewer1, Jan 31, 2013

    great comedy ron howard don notts great show

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    a instant classic that still stands the test of time .

    By cube2k8, May 04, 2010

    andy griffith show is a classic tv show and they still play reruns of the show today. it took place in mayberry. and he was a cherriff . it had a lot of comedy in it and sad moments and there was always lessions to be learned after all it did come out when tv was all about the happey moments . there was tons of good eps . i did not grow up watching the show since it came out in the 60s but i do have all the boxsets and have watched lots of reruns on tv land. and apriate how a good a show it was and still is today.moreless

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    To the Andy Griffeth Show is a classic that stands the test of time.

    By Obiwan456, Apr 17, 2009

    The Andy Griffeth Show is one of the most loved tv shows there are. While the color episodes might not have been as good, they were still good. The absolute best episodes have to be the first episodes when Opie was tiny and Andy was more of a hick like in his movie No Time for Seargents. These were the best episodes of the series, with the best episode being Opie's Charity. If you haven't heard of this show then you must have been living an a cave all your life. This is a true classic that will hopefully be remembered till the end of time.moreless

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    This TV show had loads of talent, great writers and directors.

    By mapledrum99, Jan 02, 2009

    This show didn't depend on jokes or wisecracks for laughs, it was natural eveyday southern situations

    with a cast of characters that were just fun to be around.

    In Mayberry, they were themselves, the way aunts, uncles and cousins might really be around each other. Where small things were important, going to a movie, a fair, or the diner was the highlight of a day or evening.

    Andy was the Sheriff, as you know he had no gun, except when he needed one. Barney being the opposite, the one that took everything very serious sometimes. He may have been a kluts, but he was not stupid.

    Mayberry had common sense people, no rockit scientists here, Howard and Helen probably being the smartist, only Howard would flaunt it on occasion.

    Only one Barber in town. Floyd took pride in his haircuts. And probably only one Gas Station, Gomer and then later cousin Goober were the friendly Gas Station attendants. They'd give you the shirt off their backs. The best small town comedy on Amercan TV.moreless

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    The life and times of a small-town sheriff and his family, his cooky deputy, and a colorful town populace.

    By Woolsey, Dec 27, 2008

    The definitive family show! Plenty of morals and loads of laughs stuffed into one unforgettable half-hour show. Andy proves his worth as the leading man, and works as an ideal straightman to the rest of the cast. Of course, 95% of the classic material is derived from Don Knotts as Barney Fife. Knotts made the show delightful. The show is also very addictive, and is fun to watch at any time. It is family entertainment that may age, but will never be forgotten. The life lessons will apply to all people of all generations. Don't miss this loveable classic program.moreless

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    Andy and Opie are forced to live the single life while Aunt Bee is out of town. However, a local beauty (played by Joanna Moore) comes to their rescue and cooks for the two. Floyd believes she's aiming to be the new Mrs. Andy Taylor!

    By senorsock, Nov 07, 2008

    In my opinion, Joanna Moore's character is far more interesting than Helen Crump ever was. She seems a lot stronger and sings great. Andy made a mistake letting this one go.

    With Floyd teasing Andy about a wedding trap being set for him (Barney is out of town. If he'd been there he'd have been doing everything in his power to get these two kids together!), there is a certain fear and that Andy is going to be turn on Moore's character and accuse her of trying to get him to marry her. The tension as we wait for this scene to come is undeniable. Instead its a relief when Andy does not confront her and instead decides to just enjoy. Perhaps he learned from all those embarrassing relationship scenes he had with Ellie. Unfortunately Moore did not return as the series wasn't quite ready to give Andy a regular gal pal.moreless

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    The andy griffith show seasons 6-8 wheres my laughter.

    By the2rrs, Oct 02, 2008

    Well season 6 starts out with a dud.I just watched seasons 1-5 laughed myself to tears many times.

    I barely get a chuckle out of seasons 6-8 except for the don knotts episodes this show probally should have been called the don knotts show with andy griffith the first five years maybe if jerry van dyke would have came on instead of warren who is not funny at all in fact if not for floyd and gober theres not really any funny left at all.The show just lost its charm and humor after don knotts left i dont think changing to color hurt it.Some shows play better in black and white in my opinion dark shadows for one.moreless

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