The Darling Baby

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    Contrasts in culture and attitude are what make this show and this episode work well.

    By Mac-Ale, Oct 07, 2007

    The Darlings are back to to ensure that the mountain custom of betrothing Charlene's infant daughter is carried out.

    My favorite episodes of this series are ones that feature contrasts, most often, this means that Andy and the crew are thrown into situations with "city sophisticates" that make them feel lost for a time. What I like about the Darling episodes is the counter situation where Mayberry residents are actually the more progressive and worldly.

    Interesting plot, some funny lines about what young Opie stands to gain one day, and for me, my favorite of the Darlings (i.e. The Dillards) songs - "There Is A Time" with Andy providing a few chords on his own guitar. I can be a sucker for bluegrass, and the whistful lyrics of this one are really moving.

    The resolution to the dilemna of Opie's engagement is a little hokey, but what the heck, "The Andy Griffith Show" was one of those from the era of "rural comedy" that was often funny enough to overcome it.moreless

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    There is a Time

    By Bethbuko, Nov 10, 2006

    I loved the song "there is a time". It was so moving to me, I taped the show, memorized the lyrics and attempted to find a recording of it, to no avail. Now I don't have the show and can't find the song. I know that The Dillards played the music but I can't seem to find out if it's on any of their albums. Any help?

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    A really special musical number.

    By kj7ym, Aug 17, 2006

    I really loved the first song in this episode. I think it was called “There was a time”. I have been trying to find a copy of that song for some time now. Sadly with no luck. Anyway I felt the episode was like some of the others that basically entertained us with very special and rare songs we would otherwise never hear. My thanks to this fine program for that treat.

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    Opie gets engaged?

    By lstaltari, Aug 25, 2005

    This episode is really stretching it in terms of the Darlings--I'm pretty sure this is the last appearance. Trying to get Opie engaged to their Baby, and then Andy pretending to be into witchcraft(!) is beyond comprehension. This is a very forgettable episode, and doesn't really have a point or reveal anything about the main characters.

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