Three Wishes for Opie

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (1)

  • (Barney enters the courthouse with a book; Andy looks at it) Andy: "Psychic Phenomena" by Dr. Merle Osmond. Huh. (opens book and reads title page) Dr. Merle Osmond, Head of the College of Psychic Phenomena in Boise, Idaho. Dr. Merle Osmond? He's a doctor? Barney: Mm-hm. He's a licensed PPD. Andy: What's "PPD"? Barney: Doctor of Psychic Phenomena. Andy: Oh. Barney: You know he has a very interesting background. Andy: Huh? Barney: He used to teach the guitar before he went into this.

Notes (1)

  • This is the only episode told in flashback.

Trivia (1)

  • In this episode Helen mentions that she's been asked to move from the fourth to the fifth grade. Helen began teaching in Mayberry when Opie was in the third grade and would still be teaching Opie in the final season, when Opie would be in junior high school.