The Animal Show

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  • The lemurs in this series are aye-ayes.

  • Last appearance of Ollie the Tapir.

  • First appearance of Bunnie Bear.

  • Last appearance of Tizzie the Bee.

  • First appearance of Rhonda the Rat and her camera-aardvark Dullard.

  • Timothy the Owl's puppet was previously used for Hilary the Owl in "The Owl and the Octopus" while the puppet used for Mavis the Frog was previously used for Leapovitch the Frog in "The Kangaroo and the Frog."

  • In the live-action segment that actually shows the life of Dave Goelz and his family, a clip from "The Bison and the Musk Ox" is shown when the family is watching it.

  • Dave the Human is actually a puppet version of his live-action actor Dave Goelz.

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