The Animated Adventures of Flash Gordon

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Quotes (7)

  • Dale: (listening to distant creatures howling) What is it? Flash: Whatever it is will never make the Top 40!

  • Aura: You surprise me, Earth Man. And please me, too. Dale: Now there's a designing woman. And her designs are all for you! Flash: Jealous, Dale? Dale: You're darn right I am!

  • Flash: A true prince does not run from danger. Prince Barin: You owe me satisfaction for that insult, Earthman! Flash: Take your time, Prince Barin. Right now we have more pressing matters.

  • Prince Barin: (examining fellow prisoners Flash, Dale and Zarkov) What strange manner of fish have we here? Like nothing I've ever hunted on Mongo. Thun: (growls) And you've hunted every living thing, haven't you, Prince Barin? Prince Barin: Only those that furnish me with sport, like you and your Lion Men, Thun.

  • Flash: (sarcastically) All we need now is the Monster of the Mine. Aura: How could you know of Tesak? Flash: Hey, look, I was just trying to be funny! Thunn: There's nothing funny about Tesak.

  • Aura: (to Flash) I swear you will not wear the silver chains of servitude for long. Thunn: By the Emperor's Beard, the wench loves you!

  • Zarkov: (climbing up giant idol) Never could stand heights. Flash: So much for the theory of evolution. Sure thing you couldn't be descended from tree-swingers.

Notes (5)

  • This episode on DVD includes a commentary track with Lou Scheimer and assistant animator Darrell McNeill.

  • The Beast Men were later used as an early design for the Masters of the Universe Beast Man action figure.

  • As noted in the DVD, the episode title bears almost no relation to anything in the story. It could refer to Princess Aura, who once led "witch women warriors," or to the lizard women's queen.

  • King Vultan is voiced here by Alan Oppenheimer (Ming/Zarkov) rather than Allan Melvin, the first season Vultan.

  • This was the original Flash Gordon animation project. When the high quality became evident, NBC ordered it as a full series instead and scenes from this were used as the basis for several episodes. However, not all of this movie was used. All of the scenes that took place on Earth up to their launch in Zarkov's rocketship were cut from the series. Other changes were made in the climax.

Trivia (11)

  • The artwork of the drawbridge to the giants' cave was reused from "Chapter 5: The Beast Men's Prey," where it was the entrance to the Beast Men's cave.

  • When Azura first uses her "crystal ball," a strange, barely humanoid face is shown inside it. The face is never explained, but speculation is that it's Azura's true face. Clues include Azura's human face not being revealed for a few more moments and the other face wearing the same headdress Azura does.

  • Azura's "ice man" is a Beast Man (from "Episode Five: The Beast Men's Prey" and "Gremlin the Dragon") scaled up to giant proportions.

  • The new race uses the same mole machine from "Chapter Five: To Save Earth," but Flash acts like he never saw anything like it before.

  • Ming's cliffside drawbridge is recycled artwork previously used in "Episode 5: The Beast Men's Prey" and "Episode 9: Monster of the Glacier."

  • Goof: The writer's credit was accidentally placed ahead of the episode title card.

  • This episode heavily reuses character and animal designs from the first season's Tropica episodes. Also, the reactor is recycled artwork of Vultan's sky city atomic furnaces.

  • Thun uncharacteristically runs from every fight here, rather than attacking.

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