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Quotes (17)

  • Johnny: I hope you'll forgive this free analysis, Mr. Bartley, but you're the classic study of the perfect narcissist. Tom: What does that mean? Johnny: It means you're the first man I've ever met who's carrying a torch for himself.

  • Tom: I'm expected in Florida for the road races. I'll be breaking in my new XK150. Of course, you're familiar with the XK150. Katy: Well, is it a car or the secret formula of a toothpaste? Macauley: I'm surprised at you, Katy. Why of course, it's a car! Haven't you read that Mr. Bartley is the holder of several international speed records? Katy: Well, yes, now that you mention it, Mr. Bartley does have a reputation for being fast.

  • Katy: I've had it. From now on, Mr. Devery can handle your stocks. The only thing I'm going to buy in the market is a loaf of bread or a frozen pizza.

  • Devery: You can't run a business on sentiment.

  • Lucy (disguising her voice, on the phone): Oh, they must've given me the wrong extension. I'm calling Pussycat. Katy (also on phone, to Lucy): Who? Lucy: Oh, I'm sorry. I mean, Mr. Devery. Katy: Mr. Devery? Lucy: Pussycat. Katy: We have a Mr. James Devery here. There's no one by the name of Pussycat. Lucy: That's what I call Mr. Devery. May I speak to him, please? Just tell him Cookie is calling. Katy: Kooky? Lucy: Not Kooky. Cookie.

  • Norris: Did anyone tell you yet this morning how beautiful you are? Katy: No one who wasn't after an air conditioning contract, Mr. Norris. Norris: That's what I like about you, Miss O'Connor. Your brains match your good looks. Katy: Well, it's a set.

  • Katy: Am I a good assistant? Devery: The best. Katy: Can you get along without me? Devery: Not a chance. Katy: And you honestly want me to stay? Devery: I do. Katy: And you think I'm the best assistant manager you ever had? Devery: I do. Katy: Come what may, for better or for worse, you want that intercom system shared only by the two of us? Devery: I do. Katy: I now pronounce us manager and assistant manager.

  • Katy: To be perfectly honest, I like working for that big lug in there. Olive: You know what you are, Katy? True blue. That's what you are. True blue Katy.

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Notes (34)

  • The theme song that opens and closes each episode is called 'Katy.' It was composed by Ann Sothern and Bonnie Lake. Ann's given name was Harriette Lake, and her younger sister Bonnie was a prolific singer/songwriter who wrote several popular standards such as "Sandman," "I've Got Your Number," and "Gracias."

  • This episode is also known as "Two Too Many."

  • When Katy goes undercover, she disguises her appearance and goes by the name 'Maisie McGuire.' Maisie is the title character of a series of hit movies Ann Sothern made for MGM in the 1930s and 1940s. She also reprised the role during a radio series in the early 1950s. So viewers of this episode would definitely have recognized her use of the Maisie character again.

  • Guest star, Sylvia Field, is the real-life wife of series regular, Ernest Truex.

  • A local repeat of this episode on New York station WABC-TV (Channel 7), at 1:30 PM on November 22, 1963, was interrupted starting at 1:42 PM for bulletins on the shooting of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas.

  • Tom Bartley drives an XK150. The XK150 is a sports car produced by Jaguar between 1957 and 1961.

  • This episode reunites guest-star Ernest Sarracino with Ann Southern. He had a recurring role on her show, Private Secretary.

  • This episode is a remake of an earlier story called 'Oh, Brother!' from Sothern's previous sitcom, Private Secretary.

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Trivia (32)

  • It turns out the detective investigating the theft shares the name O'Connor with Katy. His grandfather back in Cork County Ireland was a cousin of Katy's grandmother.

  • When Katy becomes 'engaged' to the hotel owner's son, she says they will have to go to Maryland, because they can elope there in one day. New York has a longer waiting period.

  • It is stated that Tom Bartley Jr. is known as 'lover boy,' a nickname he's been given in gossip columns.

  • Several personnel procedures have been put in place by Mr. Macauley to impress Mr. Bartley's visiting son. Among these are #132 in which late employees are fined one dollar for every minute they're tardy; and #279 in which any secretary not completing their tasks has to work overtime (presumably without extra pay).

  • Katy mentions that there were five sons in her father's Irish family. Her uncle Sean and her uncle Terrence are the only two surviving members.

  • It is learned that an investment firm known as Arbuckle, Diamond, Franklyn & Shwatt has an office in the Bartley Hotel.

  • The company that Katy invests in is called Appalachian Oil. She purchases thirty shares (one for each member of the investment club), at $5 per share, making the total investment $150. The stock goes up seven points.

  • It is mentioned that the waiter, Mr. Lukassen, has worked at this hotel for eight years.

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Allusions (3)

  • The title of this episode refers to Three Loves Has Nancy, a 1938 comedy film starring Janet Gaynor.

  • The title of the episode is an allusion to The Tender Trap, starring Debbie Reynolds and Frank Sinatra.

  • The title refers to the hit stage play and film starring Monty Woolley called The Man Who Came to Dinner.