Gamma World, Part Two

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Quotes (4)

  • Thor: And what of you? Will you walk away as well? You are indeed a noble warrior, Hulk. One who has saved the Avengers and now helped saved the world. I will trust you with my life. Will you trust us? Hulk: I'll stay, if Cupid stays. Hawkeye: You wanna go, Jade Jaws?! Right here and now?! Let's do this! Iron Man: Okay, this is going to be fun.

  • Leader: It would have been glorious. I was creating the perfect world, all in my image. Hulk: That's the problem. You're ugly.

  • Leader: My genius cannot be defeated! I have planned for every contingency! Hawkeye: Too bad you're such a lousy shot then, cucumber head!

  • Leader: I knew you would come eventually, my old enemy. But you, of all people, must realize that this is for the best. In Gamma World, no one will hunt you. No one will try to cure you. You'll be a king. Everyone who hated you, who attacked you, they will be you. Are you really going to try and stop me? Hulk: No. Not stop you. Smash you!

Notes (1)

  • Original International Air Dates: Canada: December 10, 2010 on Teletoon Czech Republic: July 3, 2011 on TV Nova

Allusions (1)

  • Hawkeye: (to the Hulk) You wanna go, Jade Jaws?! Right here and now?! Let's do this! This is a reference to the Hulk's frequent nickname, Jade Jaws, which is used in comics and popular media.