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    Bachelorette is boring now

    By msyoli43, Jul 15, 2014

    This lastest Bachelorette andi is not very interesting I am starting to feel like this show is just turning into who wants to be the next actor or actress when you first started it was real good with real people who where really looking for they soulmates I have really lost interest in watching it.

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    Andi is a horror show

    By debsab, Jun 26, 2014

    I am a fan of the franchise, but I have to say if they don't start putting REAL people on the show instead of wanna be actresses our group of fans is done. It's been down hill since Deanna!! She was bad but Alli and Andi take the cake! They are obviously in it for the fame and both will never make it! YUCK! Get real Bachelorette! Literally !!

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    Like this

    By athelcorn, Jul 23, 2013

    Like it very much... <3

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    That Diary...

    By ccrawsardella, Jun 06, 2013

    I was in shock when Des opened that diary and read the inscription. My name is Cara and I have never met my father, so reading those words brought tears to my eyes. Had to share that emotion

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  • 9.5


    By crystalhartma, Mar 25, 2013


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    Why not canceled?

    By gracielove, Nov 09, 2012

    Why watch anymore.

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    Till Death Do Us Part, or Till the Cameras Stop Rolling

    By allieschultz, Aug 06, 2012

    As a big fan of The Bachelorette, I find this show very entertaining. Others find it dumb, shallow, and not worth their time.

    Despite being dramatized by numerous episodes, the process for the bachelorette to choose her spouse seems very brief and random. Although the show does not tell us exactly how much time each contestant spends with the bachelorette, it is likely too short for a marriage partner to be chosen. People likely spend more time choosing their doctor. Not every contestant spends the same amount of time with the bachelorette, giving some of the men unfair advantages. If it is true that the national divorce rate is 50%, then it seems that this show would only worsen the odds of a couple staying together.

    Superficial is a good adjective to describe the relationships on this show. One of the first things a viewer will notice about The Bachelorette is that all the contestants are attractive. This is typical Hollywood and part of what makes the show fun to watch. The setting for this show varies and is often very unrealistic. No one I know would go on a second date to the city of London. And on these magnificent dates, most of the contestants say something along the lines of "I could see us having a future together" or "I think I am falling for you." This dialogue seems to be very fake and possibly scripted.

    There are at least one and possibly two script writers for The Bachelorette. Although it is not clear how much of it actually is scripted, one has to wonder if this truly is a reality show. On the official ABC Bachelorette website, bloggers debate in great detail over whether the show is scripted. Some suggest that only certain lines and characters are scripted, while others call the whole show manufactured.

    How realistic is it that one of the contestants (Sean) ran into the streets of Prague yelling out for Emily. And, of all the times Emily cried, there were only a few during which she produced actual tears.

    This show is appealing to viewers of all ages and backgrounds. I often watch episodes with my 63 year old neighbor who is a registered nurse. Perhaps this show is a fun escape from boring middle-class lifestyles, or maybe it is a way to experience romance in a way that never happened for many people. Being a beautiful person who visits beautiful places on a romantic journey is like something straight out of a fairytale.

    Being in front of a camera can change the way people act. These contestants are able to show us their best appearances and behavior. The bachelorette does not get a chance to see them when they first get out of bed in the morning, and never has to step over their dirty laundry. More importantly, she never sees them in any bad situations and how they would react to them. These things make it harder to view The Bachelorette as a "reality" show.

    Some of the scenarios on the show are just too unrealistic to believe. On the episode aired on July 2nd, the bachelorette met each of the four remaining contestant's families. Three out of the four families seemed fairly typical. On the fourth visit, the contestant revealed his big secret: he still lived with his family. As viewers took a tour of his bedroom, they and the bachelorette were shocked to find clothes everywhere, crumbs on tables, and stuffed animals throughout the room. Most people clean up before any guests arrive, not to mention if they are with a camera crew. Interestingly, that contestant was eliminated on the next episode.

    Some of the contestants come on the show hoping to find fame and fortune for themselves. One man stated that if he was not chosen by the bachelorette, he might at least be considered for other shows. The Bachelorette hopefully does not choose individuals who only come on the show with the intention of making it big in Hollywood. Additionally, past contestants have claimed that their reason for joining the show was future opportunities in modeling or acting.

    A controversial topic brought up on this blog refers to children being on the show. I agree with PamSmith7's post that Emily should not have been able to bring Ricky on The Bachelorette. Emily received special treatment, which should not have been allowed. Children should not be subjected to meeting adults who may not remain in their lives, and who will obviously try to win them over in various ways.

    Despite its faults as a matchmaking process, The Bachelorette is both enchanting and comical to watch. It appeals to that little boy or girl in many of us who wants a fairytale romance with the perfect mate. Although it would not be recommended as a way to choose that person, this show definitely provides entertainment. As for me, I have The Bachelorette recording every Monday night, so I won't miss a single episode.


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    Not right to have a kid on show!

    By PamSmith7, Jun 24, 2012

    This season is such a bummer that I don't even watch it that much because Emily should not of gotten any special treatment to bring her daughter on show. For me, that is a big turn off on the show. There are plenty of bachelorettes and bachelors that have kids and they didn't get any special treatment for their kids. They all missed their kids a lot and they had to deal with it since they made the decision to go on tv. I think Emily is not all what she cracks up to be..poor little ole Emily.. right...I feel sorry for her daugther that she was dragged all through the media.It didn't serve any purpose but to get her on tv and I think that is a poor choice as a mom to do that to a child. We all get it that she misses her but again that was her choice.. So why did the show do it?. .It just make you wonder what is Emily really about?moreless

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    Unique things of Bachelorette

    By ssalunkhe, May 09, 2012

    The Bachelorette gives opportunity to everyone to find his/her love. It provides the few tasks which help to judge your partner's loyalty, trust and at what level they can sacrifices for you. I think this the only show who make strong bond with people.

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