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    I totally remembered it

    By bautistakenrick856, Sep 20, 2014

    It was really cool.

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    This show brings back memories!

    By Adesthetvman, Apr 16, 2014

    Man, I miss this show! this show had everything a batman fan could wan, all seasons were truly amazing. Season 1-2 had that amazing intro and season 5 with the team ups from the justice league! I give this show an infinity!

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    the batman

    By anirudhc, Aug 31, 2013

    This is #4 in my 'Top 10 Batman series is a mix of drama,action and has well-choreographed actions,well-written dialogues and stories,and also it is more realistic comparing with other cartoons(I mean,Batman is a good entertainer and what Bruce Wayne learns from his life is a longlasting impression for kids.

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    Grows on you...

    By Jurist12, Feb 15, 2013

    I grew up with B:TAS, so I am very loyal to that show. With that said, this show kept progressing and I would say Season 4 was this pinnacle of the show. If you are looking for "The Batman" at its best, watch the episodes "Strange New World," "Two of a Kind," "Artifacts" and "The Joining" (both parts). I would put these episodes in the same caliber as B:TAS.

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    After this, came the dumb batman shows.

    By ScottMartinez, Oct 02, 2012

    Not as good as Batman: the animated series, but its a really good version anyways on its own. Some things about the show are a little weird and Im not the biggest fan of the theme song, but this series is so fun to watch and I really enjoyed it. :)

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    Under appreciated. Seriously, after a shaky start, this Batman is shaping into a classic piece. It might not have the darkness as the previous ones, but its getting there and that makes it exciting to watch.

    By fawsal, Jan 12, 2012

    Following the mood and the theme of the early career for Bruce Wayne as The Batman... I'm finding the noir humor, the grimness of gotham and the slowly but surely The Batman getting darker, a quite realistic journey.

    I really feel that earlier detractors re-examine this series, and give it a chance for it to grow into an even better adaptation for the dark knight.

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    absolutely worthless

    By 0pl, Aug 23, 2011

    as the first real new batman show ( batman beyond is technically a continuation) this show fails to impress and whilei may be jumping the gun on this one since ive seen only a few episodes but if thats any indication then by all means this show sucks.First of all for me it seems that all the characters are just plain out of character. Sure we all know that joker is this super freaky crazed killer but do they have to make him look so ridiculous?? i think not. I couldnt even describe this show, it seems so fast like noting really happens in those 27 minuets. example: joker, penguin, and riddler start fighting over the city. Batman comes into the play he stops him and the city is saved!! and no that's not a summary, that's the entire episode....overall just skip it, if you need you daily fix of superhero go watch the origional batman the animated seriesmoreless

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    Not as good as Batman TAS, but still really good

    By UltraStrata, Aug 23, 2011

    This show is not Batman the animated series. It's not even half as good as that show was. But it is still the next best thing to quality television and I suppose that it's more than we can expect from kids WB nowadays. One thing did bug me in this series, though. It could have been so much better if it had stuck with the type episodes that they did that got so much critical praise (such as A Matter of Family and The Riddler's revenge). Instead, they often presented episodes in the first and second seasons that featured see-through plot and indecent action scenes. The third and fourth seasons were admittedly better overall. However, I felt that the series finale was rushed, underdeveloped, and not very well thought out ( I mean, come on, the return of a villain who was just "scouting out" the planet with a FULL-SCALE invasion last season; SERIOUSLY).moreless

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    Pretty decent

    By frosty_ice, Aug 23, 2011

    Being the direct descendant of "Batman The Animated Series", this cartoon has certain things that you got to love in a Batman cartoon. The animation is good, but it could be a little darker. The way the characters are portrayed also suffers from the lack of darkness in them. The fact that some characters got different origins in this cartoon is good (like Poison Ivy for instance) in a couple of cases, but in others (like Harley Quinn for instance), it damages the storyline. As for the cast, I have to praise the work of John DiMaggio as the Joker, because even though he's not Mark Hammil (the best Joker ever, right after Jack Nicholson of course), he makes a good job portraying him. I give it a 9.moreless

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