The Beast (2001)

Travinia ... Gently Down the Stream

Season 1, Ep 4, Aired 7/11/01
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  • Episode Description
  • Alice learns from a covert source that a small European country (Travinia) is secretly stockpiling chemical weapons. Knowing that Travinia has a defense pact with Russia and is due for an international weapons inspection in two weeks, Alice convinces Jackson to allow her to go to Travinia to investigate the story for herself (using the guise of doing a story on an orphanage). As Tamir has had prior experience in Europe, Jackson sends him with her. Since no unsupervised filming will be allowed, Ryan gives Tamir several "routine" items - each containing a component that will make a small, battery operated camera, when assembled - so that Alice and Tamir can document any evidence they find on film. When he learns that he has incurable bone cancer, Reese's journalist father, Walter, comes to WNS to see his estranged son. In Travinia, Alice and Tamir meet their contact, a hotel worker, and in spite of having been told by a government official upon their arrival to stay within the confines of the hotel, they sneak out of their bugged rooms, and leave the hotel. They meet the man's father, who is dying from Sarin poisoning. He was exposed to the deadly chemical while working in a machine factory that also received secret deliveries of chemical filled barrels. The contents of the barrels frequently spilled on the workers who carried them in. It was the dying man's job to bury the exposed workers, when they succumbed to the same poisoning that is now killing him. He has his son take Alice and Tamir to the mass grave in which he buried the workers. Their bodies are exposed there, having been unearthed by heavy rains. Tamir is able to film the entire encounter - from the time he and Alice interviewed the dying man, including the unearthed bodies of the poisoned workers. When they return to the hotel, Tamir hides the film he shot that evening. Both Alice and Tamir find government agents awaiting them in their rooms - it has been discovered that they left the hotel after having been told not to do so. Tamir is beaten in his room while Alice is taken to meet the President of Travinia. The President initiates a live TV interview, which is also seen by Jackson Burns in America, and accuses Alice of lying about her reasons for being there. When Alice confronts him regarding the bodies that she and Tamir saw in the grave, he makes excuses - saying (among other things) that they were brought across the border by rebels from other countries. He asks Alice if she has "proof" of what she saw (meaning film) and when she tells the President that she and Tamir had no way to film what they say, he makes a show (for the camera) of saying that he is expelling them from his country. However, instead of driving Tamir and Alice to the airport, they are taken hostage by the drivers of the car. As they are driven off, Alice sees Jeremy, her ex-boyfriend who works for the CIA, standing by the road.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jason Gedrick

    Reese McFadden

  • Ian Paul Cassidy

    Ryan Brown

  • Harriet Sansom Harris

    Mrs. Sweeny

  • April Grace

    Sonya Topple

  • Frank Langella

    Jackson Burns

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