The Bedford Diaries

The WB (ended 2006)
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  • S 1 : Ep 8

    Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    Aired 5/10/06

  • S 1 : Ep 7

    Risky Business

    Aired 5/10/06

  • S 1 : Ep 6

    The Passion of the Beaver

    Aired 5/3/06

  • S 1 : Ep 5

    Love and the Tenth Planet

    Aired 4/26/06

  • S 1 : Ep 4

    Zen and the Art of Manipulation

    Aired 4/19/06

  • Cast & Crew
  • Matthew Modine

    Professor Jake Macklin

  • Milo Ventimiglia

    Richard Thorne III

  • Peter Gerety

    Harold Harper

  • Penn Badgley

    Owen Gregory

  • Corri English

    Natalie Dykstra

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  • show Description
  • Set at a small liberal-arts college in Manhattan, The Bedford Diaries is an ensemble drama about the lives of resident and commuter students from all kinds of social and economic backgrounds and their teachers. The show specifically centers on a human behavior seminar where (the students) openly talk about their sexual lives or the lack of sexual lives and come to understand themselves and the world they live in better.

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  • Quotes (53)

    • Natalie: It's a bargain you make with yourself, okay, an escape hatch. Maybe today I'll try drinking, see if it makes me feel better. Then drugs, more drugs, cutting yourself. You're scared, you make a deal with yourself: If it doesn't stop next week, next month, you're gonna do something to make it stop. You know, and then the next month comes and the thought of waking up another day, and feeling as badly as you did before is worse than the unknown. So you decide to jump, seems so simple, clean, eloquent.

    • Owen (in his video): Suicidal, dangerous, mentally unbalanced. These are not words that would normally describe the girls I've hooked up with in the past. But, I don't know, there's something about Natalie... She's warm, she's sweet, she's potentially schizo or at least she used to be. But I'm thinking maybe that's what I would change about my history, you know, not play it so safe. Maybe go for a girl with a little bit of history herself. A history of mental illness? Why not? I mean this is college, right? That's what we are supposed to be doing. Experimenting. A girl who would jump of off a roof. There's something very hot about that kind of crazy.

    • Professor Macklin (speaking to the class): Sex. Think back to your last sexual encounter. A month ago? This morning? Were you with a lover? A stranger? Were you by yourself? How did it make you feel? Excited? Guilty? Insatiable? Blissful? Disconnected? Welcome to Sexual Behavior in the Human Condition!

    • (Her video is revealed to the class because their teacher thought it was very well done) Sarah: What would I change about my sexual past? I'd change my own head. I'd admit that I'm angry, that I'm wounded, that my heart was broken. Seems like we're so busy hooking up, sexually networking, making connections. Does sex even mean anything anymore? I guess I thought if I didn't take sex seriously, I could some how avoid being affected by it. If sex doesn't have anything to do with intimacy and I don't feel anything... somehow I'll be stronger. But that's not true. Opening yourself up, even if it means your heart and soul are crushed. That's what makes you stronger. That's what gives you the power to move on, put the past behind you. To get out there, and get your heart stomped on all over again.

    • Richard: When did it hit you that what you were feeling was love? Sarah: When did it? (pauses to think) That's a pretty serious question. Richard: I'm a journalist. It's what we do.

    • Sarah: You are a son of a bitch! Richard: That's not fair, you've never met my mother. She's quite lovely.

    • Richard: I never said, I wouldn't print the article. Sarah: You said "not to worry". Richard: What I meant was "I wasn't going to publish your name". Sarah: What!? In your twisted mind, you think that makes you a gentlemen?! Richard (mumbles): You are completely bipolar. Last night, you siddled up to me, and said I can print anything I want. Sarah: Did you do this to bait me? Richard: What?! You think I stay up night, thinking of ways to get you into my office?! (he thinks, and looks at her) Wait a minute, maybe I do!

    • Zoey: Art is life. Lee: Life is art.

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    Notes (5)

    • The crew for The Bedford Diaries consists of 75-80 production and technical assistants. The WB was cool enough to hire a couple production assistants that were students from Columbia University.

    • Barnard College (part of Columbia University) serves as the fictional Bedford College. At least part of the pilot was filmed there. It is unknown at this point if it will continually be filmed there.

    • Ratings: 1.79 million viewers watched.

    • This episode is scheduled to start at 8pm instead of it's usual time slot at 9pm, followed by another new episode (the next episode in production order) at 9pm. Resulting in a back-to-back episode season (or series?) finale.

    • After this episode, the show was cancelled only because the CW, the mergering of UPN and the WB, didn't have enough timeslots on their schedule for next year.

    Trivia (7)

    • Richard, played by Milo Ventimiglia is the school's editor of the daily newspaper. His real life girlfriend, Alexis Bledel who plays Rory on the show Gilmore Girls (which Milo had a reaccuring guest spot as Jess) also is the editor of the daily newspaper at the school she attends (Yale)

    • Towards the end of the pilot episode, the streaker is completely naked. You can see his personal goods shown on screen, especially when he is thrown to the ground, by the officers.

    • Professor Maklin and his student Zoey go way back, he helped Zoey and her mother when they were in financial trouble. Zoey views him as a mentor.

    • If Sara just slept with Tray, then how does she have water boiling already, either she put it on before and it took a long while to boil or she put it on after, which is really weird

    • O.A.R. a well known band makes an appearance at the end of the episode. The song they play is "The Stranger"

    • Appearing for a second time on the series, Ryan Link performs his own songs in several scenes.

    • Right after Owen said how good he was speaking Spanish, he said "Bambino", which is Italian.

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    Allusions (2)

    • Episode Title: I'm Gonna Love College (Pilot) This is a reference to what Owen says, just before the opening credits. He sees a naked woman, and says "Ummm, I'm gonna love college".

    • "You're going to make some lucky Vassar girl very happy some day" Vassar College is a small, highly selective, liberal-arts school in Poughkeepsie, NY.

  • Fan Reviews (22)
  • It could have been great.

    By cameran, Sep 17, 2005

  • Why did they cancel this show?

    By EvilSmirk_, May 21, 2007

  • what a pity that show got cancelled!

    By knightarrow2006, Nov 08, 2006

  • great show.

    By prencid, Jul 25, 2006

  • What a shame the WB didn't give "The Bedford Diaries" a better time slot. The program had great potential as a progressive, influential work of art.

    By scace369, Jul 10, 2006

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