The Benny Hill Show (1955)

BBC (ended 1968)
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  • S 8 : Ep 4

    Show 32

    Aired 12/26/68

  • S 8 : Ep 3

    Show 31

    Aired 12/11/68

  • S 8 : Ep 2

    Show 30

    Aired 11/20/68

  • S 8 : Ep 1

    Show 29

    Aired 4/20/68

  • S 7 : Ep 4

    Show 28

    Aired 1/8/66

  • Cast & Crew
  • Patricia Hayes

    Regular Performer

  • Ronnie Brody

    Regular Performer (1957-1965)

  • Benny Hill


  • Jeremy Hawk

    Regular Performer (1955-1966)

  • Peter Vernon

    Regular Performer (1958-1961)

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  • Welcome to the episode guide for The Benny Hill Show (1955), the first television series to bear Benny Hill's name. It is here that Benny began a remarkably long run on British television, lasting in one form or another for the next three and a half decades. In this incarnation, Benny blazed new trails in British television comedy, both in content and technical production; and first brought such characters as Fred Scuttle and Mervyn Cruddy to life. Highlights from this version of The Benny Hill Show have been issued by BBC Video in the U.S. and Australia under the umbrella Benny Hill: The Lost Years, first issued on VHS in 1998 and DVD in 2005.moreless

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    • ERIC ROBINSON (Benny): You may be interested to know that this was first performed in 1584 before the Emperor of Bulgaria, and at the conclusion of the performance the entire cast was beheaded, except the choreographer - and he was hanged.

    • BUTLER: What will happen to the precious jewels? DETECTIVE: You can have that, my man, for you have kept a straight face all the way through the sketch.

    Notes (22)

    • Stella Tanner was a member of The Tanner Sisters at the time of this show, the other member being her sister Frances. (They are listed by both their individual names and group name so their appearance will be listed in their respective TV Tome databases.)

    • This is the earliest known complete edition of The Benny Hill Show from its BBC run to be in existence. (The earliest surviving Benny Hill Show in general was from his late 1957 ATV series.)

    • This was the last edition to originate from the BBC's Television Theatre at Shepherd's Bush. Beginning with the 1962–63 Benny Hill sitcom anthology, his remaining output for the BBC up to 1968 would emanate from their now-famous Television Centre.

    • Between this and the next special, Benny contributed a comedy sketch to the 1964 edition of the BBC's mammoth Christmas Night with the Stars. The sketch, "The Lonely One," dealt with the life and times of "jubilant delinquent" Willie Tredder, with Hill playing the aforementioned character as well as his geography teacher, a youth leader, a work foreman, and the boy's father. An uncredited Patricia Hayes played the boy's mother, calling him a "cycle-path." Alex MacIntosh also appeared in the seven-minute routine. This was part of a lineup that also included special editions of Top of the Pops, The Billy Cotton Band Show, The Likely Lads, Meet the Wife (the title of which was referenced in the "Good Morning, Good Morning" track of The Beatles' landmark 1967 album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) and Hugh and I, as well as appearances by the likes of Dick Emery and singer Kathy Kirby.

    • Starting with this episode, Kenneth Carter returns as producer for the first time since Benny's last series of ATV specials in 1960. He will produce every remaining Benny Hill Show for the balance of Mr. Hill's run with the BBC.

    • The "Secret Agent of Love" sketch was so well-received that not only was it repeated on his very next show (April 10, 1965), but for many years was used by the BBC as a "how-not-to" manual for budding crew members entering the Corporation.

    • Starting with this edition, "audience nights" (on which Benny performed his songs, "yokel" poems, interview sketches et al., intermixed with previously filmed and/or taped segments) would be held in advance of air date (by anywhere from days to weeks to months), a practice begun on his 1962–63 sitcom anthology Benny Hill and continuing to the end of his television career three and a half decades later. On all his variety shows prior to 1961, such "live" segments truly were live, with more emphasis on musical guests in-between sketches. The new production formula would mean more of Benny on his own show than was previously the case.

    • This episode was the BBC's entry for the 1965 edition of the Golden Rose of Montreux TV Festival (it did not win). After Benny moved to Thames, his show would be entered into Montreux in 1970 and 1984 (taking the prize in the latter year).

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    Trivia (2)

    • This episode was notable in that it marked the debut of Henry McGee and the first credited appearance of Jack Wright (or, as he was credited through to Hill's first Thames series, John Wright) in the series. Tragically, this and the next (and last) two shows are lost to history, as the BBC destroyed them upon Benny's move to Thames Television.

    • This episode is notable in that Bob Todd and Jenny Lee-Wright made their first appearances in the series. Both would be mainstays through to the 1980's - Lee-Wright up to 1986, Todd to the end (including Hill's New York special). Tragically, this episode is one of the last three shows (the others being Shows 30 and 32) that are lost to history, as the BBC destroyed them upon Benny's move to Thames Television.

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  • Where It All Began

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