The Berenstain Bears

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  • S 4 : Ep 39

    Bears for All Seasons; Grow It

    Aired 9/9/04

  • S 4 : Ep 32

    Go Up and Down; Big Bear, Small Bear

    Aired 9/10/04

  • S 4 : Ep 8

    Papa's Pizza; The Female Fullback

    Aired 9/8/04

  • S 4 : Ep 7

    That Stump Must Go; Draw It

    Aired 9/7/04

  • S 4 : Ep 6

    Showdown at Birder's Wood; Help Around the Workshop

    Aired 9/6/04

  • Cast & Crew
  • Frank Welker

    Raffish Ralph / Weasel McGreed / Farmer Ben / Henchweasels / Various

  • Ruth Buzzi

    Mama Bear / Grizzly Gran

  • Brian Cummings

    Papa Q. Bear / Mayor Honeypot / Big Paw / Various

  • David Mendenhall

    Brother Bear

  • Tajja Isen

    Sister (Season 3)

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  • show Description
  • Based on the fantastic and best-selling book series, The Berenstain Bears, written by Jan and Stan Berenstain, brings you a cartoon television series that stems from cartoons which aired from 1985 to 1987 on CBS Saturday mornings. After a number of NBC television specials between 1979 and 1983, it finally became a series adapted from selective texts. Later, many of the episodes were released on VHS (1988-1989), and was reformatted in the early 1990's, along with one LaserDisc of the Berenstain Bears cartoon, before that technology took a backseat to the superior DVD format. The Berenstain Family Papa Q. Bear, a woods bear, who always helps others, sharing his wisdom, but also has a bad tamper with troubling situations. Mama Bear is a great quilter, and is a great problem solver. Brother Bear has interests in dinosaurs and he loves to play soccer, while Sister Bear is an expert at jump-roping and is Lizzy Bruin's best friend. Honey Bear is introduced later in the book series as a new family member of the Berenstains. Grizzly Gran is the grandmother who gives good advice and treats, and Grizzly Gramps is the grandfather of Brother and Sister Bear and father of Papa. Cousin Fred is the son to Dot and Ed, and Brother's best friend. Friends of the Cubs Lizzy Bruin is the sister to brother, Barry and best friends with Sister Bear. Brother and Sister's friend, Bigpaw is feared by many, as Queenie McBear is a student at Bear Country School. She is a sister to twin brothers, and the daughter of the owner of a Real Estate agent. Babs Bruno, Anna and Millie are also friends of the Cubs. The School Jane, Bob, Honeybear, and Hrizzmeyer are some of the teacher's at Bear Country. Honeycomb is the principal at the school, while Grizzly Gus is the kids' bus driver. Jane is the Scout Leader of the Cubs, while Dr. Wise Old Owl is the Bear Scouts' faithful friend. Villians Too Tall Grizzly, always up to no good with his gang members, Vinny, Smirk, and Skuzz, as another villian is on the loose. This is a con man named, Raffish Ralph/Ripoff Ralph Other Farmer Ben is an award-winning farmer, alongside his wife, Mrs. Ben, who enjoys cooking and works very hard. Actual Factual is an intelligent professor who works at the Bearsonian Institution, while Gert Grizzly is a doctor, and Maguerite is a police officer. The mayor, Honeypot is the husband to Mrs. Honeypot, and Mrs. Grizzle is Brother and Sister's favorite babysitter. Neighbors of the Bear family are Mr. Skunk and Miz McGrizz.This way to Bear Country. You'll know when you're there. As soon as you enter, You'll feel like a bear. A great grizzly bear, A Berenstain Bear! We are the Berenstain Bears Mama, Papa, Sister, Brother We appreciate each other We live in a split-level tree Mama, Papa, Sister, and me! Snug as bugs in our split-level tree. Here are more Berenstain Bears: Actual Factual, Big Paw, Raffish Ralph, Horace T. Honeypot, I'm the Mayor. Lots, lots more - bears galore!Version # 2:Somewhere deep in Bear Country Live the Berenstain Bear family They're kind of furry around the torso They're a lot like people only more-so (CHORUS): The bear fact is that they're just like you and me The only difference is they live in a tree The Berenstain BearsWhen things go wrong as things might do The Berenstain Bears will find a way through Mama, Papa, Sister and Brother will always be there for each other (CHORUS): The bear fact is that they can be sweet as honey Sometimes you'll find they might be just plain funnyThe Berenstain Bears (repeat 1x)moreless

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  • Quotes (208)

    • Brother: Climbing the stairs. Sister: Stomping along the hall. Brother: Pounding on the door. Brother and Sister: (Sing-song) Come in.

    • Sister: (As Mama's footsteps are banging on the hallway floor, approaching the cubs' room) What's that? An earthquake? Brother: Worse, it's Mama on the war path.

    • Mama Bear: Sister wasn't tattling, tattling is just to be mean, Sister told us what happened because she loves you and she was worried. Brother Bear: You think that guy was a bad apple? Mama Bear: Probably not. Sister Bear: That's right, but you have to be careful, just in case.

    • Papa: Holy catfish! What happened to Mama's vase?

    • Sister: Well, I like that! Some unauthorized person has been using my modeling clay! (Sister squishes the clay dinosaurs into a lump of clay) Brother: Oh! It took me a week to make those!

    • Sister Bear: I heard it! It went (moaning) ooooohhh, oooooohhhh, oooohhh! Papa Bear: (looking down at Brother Bear) Well there better not be anymore ooh ooh ooh, or else it's going to be followed by some ow, ow, ow.

    • Papa and cubs: (Singing to the tune of "London Bridge") Happy birthday, Sister Bear, Sister Bear, Sister Bear. Happy birthday, Sister Bear. We all love you!

    • Mama Bear: You know what the penalty is for name calling. Papa Bear: The worst one of all, c-cleaning out the basement for an entire year.

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    Notes (166)

    • First appearance of Raffish Ralph.

    • Although this is the final episode of the Berenstain Bears to air on CBS,PBS revived it in 2003.

    • Interstitial Segment: talking with family

    • "Trouble With Grown-Ups" is the 3rd episode of 6 on the DVD, Bears Get a Babysitter.

    • The Opening Rhyme for "Trouble With Grown-Ups": Both grown-ups and cubs learn a lesson about How families work best when they work problems out.

    • The Opening Rhyme for "Too Much TV": When the TV is on all day without rest, Mama knows it's too much, and Mama knows best.

    • Glitch: When Papa had the remote, one button was missing at the bottom. But when Mama took the converter back from Papa, all the buttons were there again.

    • "Attic Treasure" is the 3rd of 6 episodes on the Fun Family Adventures DVD.

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    Trivia (21)

    • Differences From The Book: 1. Mama does not go on a tirade and begins throwing everything in the cubs' room out. Brother, instead, decides of his own voilation to clean the room when the stuff in the closet falls out and crushes his birdhouse. 2. Brother not only has a messy room, but a messy school locker. 3. Brother is the bigger problem in the episode. Sister is not as messy as Brother.

    • In the book version of "Too Much Birthday," they play the party game "Going to Jerusalem." However, in this episode, they play "Musical Chairs" instead!

    • The play the cubs put on is called "The Trouble with Grown-ups". But when the teacher announces it, she says it's called "The Trouble with Parents".

    • Brother Bear appears shirtless.

    • "Mighty Milton" was taken from the Berenstain Bears book, Too Much Teasing.

    • "Go to School" marks the first time Bearbie, a play on the popular Barbie doll, is mentioned.

    • When Sister tells Mama, "This year the numbers are going to be a lot bigger", her eyebrows disappear. They reappear when she says, "And so are the words."

    • There's a difference between the book version of "Trouble With Money" and the TV episode version of it. In the book version, the cubs wanted to earn more money to play an arcade video game, not to buy Bear Air Jackets.

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    Allusions (23)

    • Brother: There's no way I'm watching Little Treehouse on the Prarie! Obviously, this is in reference to the show, Little House on the Prarie.

    • Brother: Mama! Honey, I Shrunk the Cubs is on tonight! Obviously, as the name suggests, the title of the movie Brother wanted to watch is in reference to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

    • Hero Puns: Amelia Bearhart is a Bear Country pun of the famous pilot, Amelia Earhart. Wayne Grizzly is a Bear Country pun of the famous hockey player, Wayne Gretsky. Beary Houdini is a Bear Country pun of the famous magician, Harry Houdini.

    • Dinosaur Puns: Bearannosaurus Rex and Tribearatops are bear puns of the dinosaurs, tyrannosaurus rex and trisaratops.

    • Bearlock Holmes is a pun on the popular Sherlock Holmes book series.

    • Brother's favorite TV show is The Bear Stuges, which is a pun of The Three Stuges.

    • Grizzly World sounds a bit like the name of a family vacation resort in Orlando Florida, Disney World.

    • Bear Ruth is a Bear Country pun of the famous baseball player, Babe Ruth.

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