The Berenstain Bears

The Hiccup Cure; Think of Those in Need

Season 3, Ep 30, Aired 10/24/03
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  • The Hiccup Cure: When Papa is pressed for time, he eats his food too quickly, inducing hiccups. Mama and the cubs try all they could to stop them. Dr. Grizzly shows them exactly how hiccups are caused. That's when Papa decides to eat more slowly from now on. Think of Those in Need: Brother and Sister donate a few of their old belongings to the elderly at the Bears' Retirement Home. When Brother accidentally donates his favorite book, he finds out that giving someone your time to read it is just as important as giving away your things.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Ben Joseph

    The Hiccup Cure

  • Gary Hurst

  • Brian Lasenby

    Think of Those in Need

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  • Quotes (5)

    • Sister: Why don't you try hopping up and down on one foot while holding your nose. Papa: That sounds so crazy, it just might work. Brother: And if that doesn't get rid of hiccups, at least we've created a new dance move.

    • Papa: I'm spending more time (hiccup) on hiccup cures than I am on finishing that chair.

    • Papa: I suppose I have been eating a little too fast lately. Mama: (Chuckles) A little too fast? My, you've been eating like a vacuum cleaner. Papa: (Chuckles) I do like cleaning off my plate.

    • Brother: Can't Sister and I clean our room tomorrow? Mama: Afraid not. It's too messy. Papa: "Messy" is not the word. (He peeks into the cubs' room.) If I didn't know better, I think you have been raising a family of monkeys in there.

    • Brother: Gee, Sis. Look at all the good things that could happen when you give someone your old stuff. Sister: And when you give someone your extra time. Brother: Right. That's even better.

    Notes (3)

    • "Think of Those in Need" is the 4th of 6 episodes on the Family and Friendship DVD.

    • The Opening Rhyme for "The Hiccup Cure": When eating your food, remember to chew. It's not just good manners, it's healthy for you.

    • The Opening Rhyme for "Think of Those in Need: When the cubs each donated some old odds and ends, They didn't expect to be meeting new friends.

    Allusions (1)

    • The Hardy Bears is a Bear Country pun on the popular Hardy Boys book series.

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