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    I Miss This Show

    By T_VFan, Apr 28, 2012

    Absolutely Hilarious!

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    This show stinks.

    By DragonBlazer200, May 03, 2011

    Sitcoms are all the same. Only this is one of the worse sitcom on the air. Berne Mac is annoying, ugly, and cannot act to save his life. The plot of this series stinks and they have some of the worst gimmicks yet. It is amazing to see what can go on the air. Please remove it and replace it something... else. Anything else.

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    a really good funny tv show and its sad that bernie is no longer here in the world he was really funny

    By cube2k8, May 05, 2010

    the bernie mac show it stared out with them taking in the 3 kids and bernie would always have trouble dealing with them and venessa would always give him problems becasue she did not like him that much and was always inbarest by him and the son had some issues like he like the ribben sport instead of basketball and other things that bernie felt imbarest by him too. berie would always kinda do the typical things a tv dad would do make bad desions and the wife would have to go fix them and other things the show was hiliorious on alot of acations.which is why i gave it a 8moreless

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    It was always funny.

    By cactusjack39, Jan 21, 2009

    The Bernie Mac show was just hilarious. I couldn't imagine how much I thought it was funny, because usually I don't like too many comedies. But this show was funny. Bernie Mac was a great lead for this series and the entire cast played off oneo another so well. They had really good chemistry. Jordan had to be the funniest character aside from B-Mac. Wow, he just cracks me up with all of his whining and complaining. He also isn't the brightest kid on the block, but that makes him funnier. Whenever I need a good laugh, I watch the Bernie Mac show because of its ability to be funny without trying too hard. Thank you.moreless

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    This was one of the last good shows that there was on TV. Now there is nothing but teenage gossip shows.

    By AselaVeru, Aug 15, 2008

    I miss this show so much, I am buying all the DVDs. What is great about this show, is I only have Season 1 DVD, but so far, I can't watch this season enough!

    His humor is way more than a step over any similar show and the character dynamic has never grown old. The hate-love-hate between Uncle Bernie and 'Nessa is priceless, but the squeaky voices from Bryanna and Jordan are the better part of why Bernie's attitude is hilarious, since they are only little kids.

    One can never seem to choose one episode to be their favorite, especially when they can barely choose one favorite on a single DVD disc.moreless

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  • 7.5

    who u wit

    By grufetti, Jul 07, 2008

    the bernie mac show is about bernie and his wife wanda taking care of his sisters kids named bryanna,jordan and vannessa.for starters i would beat all three of them kids asses if they were my kids.bernie took them into his custody in californa from chicago so they can have better lives.jordan and bryanna cause destruction to the house.vannessa is a stuck up, disobeying, loud mouth, have it your way, kid.she acts like that she raised her siblings for a few years that she deserves everything she desire.But most of the time bernie do be tripping.vannessa cant never go no where of have friends over...well male friends.if it wasnt for wanda letting the kids get loose they'll be bored. most of the time the storyline is about how vannessa feels and how she gets treated like a baby but this show is worth the watchmoreless

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    I just love it

    By lucy1122, Feb 10, 2008

    I just love this show.I love is show because bernie mac be making some funny comment that vanessa,baby girl and jordan be girl act like she dont be doin anything but she be doin thing behind bernie back.Vaneesa some think that she is grow and she get smart with bernie and bernie have to tell her remeber that he is ther adult.Jordan be doin thing to vanessa and baby girl that bug them and they want to beat him up. bernie mac think that the soluition to any probelm is to beat the child. I just think that bernie mac know best for them children. That is all from me..................bye see ya latermoreless

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    By DaBora2u, Jan 21, 2008

    I record both segments of reruns every night and watch them every night. I was not able to watch them before they were cancelled. However, the humor is unmatched. This show should have never been cancelled. I have Bernie Mac Show withdrawals on the weekends. Somehow, either the writers run out of things to write about or the show is too successful, because it seems that just when an African American show is at it's peak it is cancelled. But what can I say? Only in "AMERICA"! This show has me ROFL. I have never laughed so hard in all my life. My 14 year old comes running in the room to see if I am ok. He has never heard me laugh to this degree before. I love you Bernie for giving me the gift of laughter once again. Especially the episode when you were trying to get the kids out the house on Saturdays. LOL!!!! That show was hilarious!moreless

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    the bernie mac show,a nuclear family that anyone would want to join

    By ediemom, Oct 19, 2007

    sorry i just discovered this show after it's cancellation.

    what a great , family, funny show this is and a great source

    for family discussion.this little old caucasian grandmother

    loves bernie mac!

    the show with nessa and her crack mother,where bernie shared

    his own "dad's" failings with tears in his eyes should

    have won an emmy!i only hope that their may be a future

    reunion type show as i'd love to see this great family back where they belong.either way,i am stayingup way beyond

    my bedtime to catch all the reruns.bernie,i hope God continues to bless you for the joy you have brought to people.thank you again .moreless

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