Elly, the Working Girl

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Quotes (6)

  • (The Clampetts and Miss Jane come back to her apartment after being arrested) Drysdale: You’ve been completely exonerated. Jed: Well, we was at first, but we’s cooled off now.

  • (Drysdale tells Phinney he wants it so Miss Jane's life is a living hell) Phinney: Mr. Drysdale, did you serve in World War II? Drysdale: Yes I did. Phinney: Which side?

  • Phinney: What's all the smoke in there? Jed: It's just the mattress burnin'. Phinney: You're an arsonist! Jed: No sir. Like I told you before, I'm a Clampett.

  • Phinney: But you see, you looked like a vagrant. Jed: No sir, I'm a Clampett.

  • Jed: Granny, it ‘ppears that you see this job mainly as a way for Elly to meet fellas. Granny: How do you see it? Jed: Same way.

  • Jethro: You’s cookin’ my favorite thing. Granny: What’s that? Jethro: Food!

Trivia (1)

  • Granny tells Jed about a movie in which a secretary, played by Theda Bara, marries her boss without ever touching a typewriter. The movie is called Office Wife. However, Bara was never in any such movie.