The Beverly Hillbillies

Jed Becomes a Banker

Season 1, Ep 24, Aired 3/6/63
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  • Episode Description
  • The Clampetts want to go home because the hunting in Beverly Hills is poor. But Jed says they aren’t going home just to shoot. Elly suggests they shoot skeet, which is what Drysdale shoots. As a matter of fact, Drysdale is preparing for a skeet-shooting competition with Bill Hacker. But Drysdale is having troubles; his partner is hurt, and the Clampetts are shooting at passing cars, according to his wife. So Drysdale visits and learns what a great shot Jed is, hiring him as Vice President so he can compete in the competition. Drysdale takes the whole clan to the skeet-shooting club, learning how every member of the Clampett family is a great shot. After practicing, Jed goes to the bank, where Hacker is waiting for him, and Jed tells him all about how he got the job. Hacker tells Pendleton about this, and to make things fair, Hacker is allowed to choose Drysdale’s skeet-shooting partner. Hacker goes into the Vice President’s office, where Granny is cleaning the dust off the desk, and Hacker chooses this scrubwoman to be Drysdale’s partner. But the next day at the competition, Hacker sees what a great shot Granny is.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Donna Douglas

    Elly May Clampett

  • Buddy Ebsen

    Jed Clampett

  • Nancy Kulp

    Jane Hathaway

  • Irene Ryan

    Daisy Moses "Granny"

  • Raymond Bailey

    Milburn Drysdale

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  • Quotes (3)

    • (Jane tells Drysdale that his skeet shooting partner is calling from the hospital) Drysdale: Hospital?! Hawk Eye?! Jane: Yes. He was crossing the street, and he didn’t see a fire truck coming.

    • (Elly says she can’t go back home to the Hills because she can’t leave her lion cub, Little Jethro, behind) Elly: This here’s a lion. Jed: And you named him after Jethro? Jethro: Yeah, cause he’s king of the beasts, huh Elly? Jed: Nah. Cause he eats so much and his feet’s so big. Jethro: My feet ain’t big. Jed: What cha talkin’ bout boy? When you was twelve, your feet was so big you used to have to go done to the crossroads to turn around.

    • (Jethro and Granny volunteer to shoot skeet with Drysdale at the competition) Drysdale: Well thank you, but you see, my teammate has to be someone who works at the bank. And since Mr. Clampett here just happens to be my Vice President. Jed: Sure was a stroke of luck for me to get that job in time just to shoot with ya. Jane: Almost as though it were planned.

    Notes (1)

    • Jethrine's absence since "Elly's Animals" is finally explained: She went back home offscreen.

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