Jed Buys the Capitol

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Quotes (4)

  • (Honest John is trying to say that he and his wife are crooks) John: We work together. We’re confederates. Granny: Glory be! If all the people were like you, the South will rise again!

  • (Granny tells Elly to take back the kittens she got) Elly: But Granny, I already named em. Granny: Don’t matter. Take em back. Elly: They’s all named after presidents. This in here is George Washington. This in here is Abraham Lincoln. And this in is Theodore Roosevelt. Granny: Take em back Elly. Elly: This one is Jefferson Davis. Granny: He can stay.

  • John: I’m sure the First Lady will be very relieved. Jed: First Lady? John: That’s how we refer to the President’s wife. (leaves) Jed: Did ya here that, Granny? They call her “The First Lady.” Granny: Yeah. I bet the other President’s wives wouldn’t appreciate a crack like that.

  • Granny: Now that I recollect, they did think that we come from a foreign country. Jed: Yeah. Place called, uh, Paranoia. Granny: There was another country mentioned too. Jed: That’s right. They said that from the way we look and acted, we was either, uh, Paranoiacs or Schizophrenics. Granny: Yeah! John: A natural mistake. There are many of them here in Washington.

Notes (1)

  • This is the last appearance of Phil Silvers as "Honest" John Shafer in the series.

Trivia (2)

  • District Of Columbia To English Translator, as according to Honest John and Sitting Hawk: Part Two Mini Ha-ha – Lovely Lady Schlemiel – Genius Nalaganset – Make an offer. Tacoma Allegany – Two Million Tuscaloosa – It’s A Deal Ix Ne – Washington Monument Amschre – Lincoln Memorial Guatemala – Airport

  • When Honest John is trying to prove that he and Flo are crooks, he says that they are confederates, to which Granny replies that if there were more like them, the South could rise again. But in most of the other episodes, she always says that the South won the Civil War, or as she calls it, The War Between The States or The Great War. She also says that the North have been saying they will rise again. Apparently, she has learned the truth after the nine years in Beverly Hills.