Mark Templeton Arrives

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (5)

  • (Granny tells Jed about Mark being a frogman) Jed: You been at your white lightenin’? Granny: No, but it’s a good idea. Let’s have it!

  • Elly: Pa says if you can understand Jethro, you can understand anything.

  • Jane: Chief, you are the biggest phony, the lowest fink, the most unprincipled scoundrel who ever lived! Drysdale: Thanks. I needed that.

  • (Miss Jane introduces Jed to Mark) Jed: Granny had him and my daughter Elly halfway down the aisle fore she found out he was married. Mark: Matthew was awfully upset about that. Jane: Not as upset as Granny.

  • Mark: My name is Templeton. Jane: Of course! Matthew Templeton. Why, you’re the man I found in the forest! Darlene: What forest is that?!

Trivia (1)

  • In another episode, Jethro was learning to be a frogman, and Granny thinks he is a monster. But Jethro explains what it is. Apparently, Granny forgot what a frogman was in the few years.