The Beverly Hillbillies

Midnight Shorty

Season 8, Ep 11, Aired 12/3/69
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  • Episode Description
  • Because of his supposed net worth, Shorty is dating four of the secretaries from the bank. This does not please Granny though, since Shorty was out all night. Drysdale learns that Shorty only deposited eleven hundred dollars and still wants to get his “big” money. He arranges for a casino near the pool, where Shorty and Granny always win. But Drysdale learns that Shorty's "big" money is not in hundreds of millions, just hundreds. He tells the girls just as Shorty is about to tell them his weakness. When they find out he isn’t rich, Shorty tells them his weakness is checkers, and the upset secretaries dump him into the pool. Jed asks what happened, and Shorty, thinking what he told them is the reason, tells him never admit to a city woman that he plays checkers.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Donna Douglas

    Elly May Clampett

  • Buddy Ebsen

    Jed Clampett

  • Nancy Kulp

    Jane Hathaway

  • Irene Ryan

    Daisy Moses "Granny"

  • Raymond Bailey

    Milburn Drysdale

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (10)

    • (Granny says she saw Shorty pull up with a girl at 4AM) Jed: I didn’t think you could see out front from your room. Granny: That’s got nothin’ to do with it! It was the most disgusting, disgraceful sight. I wanted to cover my eyes! Jed: Why didn’t ya? Granny: Cause, I’d a fell off the roof.

    • Granny: Hold on. Where do you think you’re going? Elly: Out to the pool to join the fun. Granny: You ain’t gonna have no fun out there. Elly: Why not? Granny: Cause you ain’t goin’.

    • (The girls dump Shorty in the pool after they find out he doesn’t have 200 mil) Jed: What happened, Shorty? Shorty: Jed, in case you ever decide to marry a city woman, let me give you some advice. Jed: What’s that? Shorty: They don’t mind if ya drink, gamble, even cheat on em. But don’t ever admit that cha play checkers.

    • Jethro: I’m going out to the swimming pool. Sounds like they’s having fun down there. Granny: Jethro, you don’t wanna go down there. Jethro: Why not? Granny: It’s no place for a boy like you. They is girls runnin’ around with little short skirts. And there’s other girls wearin’ nothing but skimpy little bathing suits. And there’s some girls that don’t even. (Jethro starts looking interested) Jed: Now Granny, I don’t hardly think you’re discouraging the boy.

    • (Granny is talking to Jed about what Drysdale is throwing for Shorty) Granny: It’s shameful! They’s machines down there that cheats ya! That’s where I got this wheelbarrow full of nickels! Jed: Don’t look like you got cheated. Granny: Well, I did! They promises ya fruit: cherries, oranges, plums. But all that comes out of the dern things is these nickels.

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    Trivia (1)

    • Granny seems to be enjoying playing the slot machines down at the swimming pool winning nickels from the slots. However, in the episode Jed, the Bachelor, where Granny goes to Las Vegas, she thinks that the slot machines that were being played by the people there were silly, and the people playing them were spending their money looking at pictures of sorry-looking fruit. Apparently, after five years in Beverly Hills after that, she learned better.

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