The Beverly Hillbillies

Shorty Go Home

Season 8, Ep 12, Aired 12/10/69
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  • Episode Description
  • After Shorty and Jethro stay out all night, not to Granny's approval, Shorty is forced to chop wood in the early morning and do other chores the rest of the day so he will want to go home. Shorty needs money, so he wants to draw out all the money, meaning his $1180 from the bank, but Drysdale thinks Jed was offended after the secretaries threw Shorty in the pool and will draw out his millions. The girls are told to be nice to Jed. Shorty is mad that the girls are being so “fickle,” ignoring him yet kissing Jed, and when they get home, Granny thinks Shorty is causing Jed to live a wild life. She forces Shorty to do the wash. Jed asks Shorty why he doesn't marry a hill woman, like Elly, because she is a hard worker and just as pretty as a city woman. Shorty realizes the truth, and ends up proposing to Elly May. To scare him away, Jed tells Shorty Granny is excited to become his wife. And the thought of that makes Shorty run away to go back to the hills.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Donna Douglas

    Elly May Clampett

  • Buddy Ebsen

    Jed Clampett

  • Nancy Kulp

    Jane Hathaway

  • Irene Ryan

    Daisy Moses "Granny"

  • Raymond Bailey

    Milburn Drysdale

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  • Quotes (11)

    • Helen: Who’s Jed Clampett? Gloria: He’s the funny old geezer with a torn hat and raunchy clothes and talks with a hillbilly drawl. Jane: He has ninety million dollars. Drysdale: Right. Gloria: He’s that distinguished looking gentleman with the casual wardrobe and darling rural accent.

    • (Granny is throwing suitcases from the upstairs hall into the main hall) Jed: Ain’t these Shorty Kellem’s suitcases? Granny: That’s right. He’s leavin’. Goin’ back to the hills. Jed: Tonight? Granny: That’s right. Jed: He didn’t say nothin’ to be about leavin’. Granny: He don’t know it yet.

    • Shorty: That lye soap of yours is awful strong. Granny: Maybe it’ll wash your sins away. Shorty: It might could. It just took two finger nails.

    • Shorty: I’m gonna take the eight hundred dollars I got for the Silver Dollar City Hotel and reinvest it. Jed: Good. Shorty: I’m gonna buy the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Jed: Well, I don’t think I’d count on getting that for eight hundred dollars. That’s a big rascal. Shorty: If I have to, I’ll go to nine. Cash talks Jed.

    • Helen: You know, you’re a bit of a rotter you are. I was counting on a few extra pounds to help me out. Drysdale: You’re from England? Helen: That’s right, London. Drysdale: And you’d like a few extra pounds? Helen: Oh I’d love it! Drysdale: Eat lots of starchy food.

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    Trivia (1)

    • Drysdale is always trying to be nice to the Clampetts' friends and family so Jed won't get offended. However, he wasn't very friendly to Shorty, with Jed in the room with him. He should have been a bit more wary of it. That could still make Jed upset.

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