The Clampetts Meet Robert Audubon Getty

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Quotes (5)

  • (Granny and Jed talk about Jethro is grabbed the food since he is in hiding) Granny: I wonder where that boy is hidin’. Jed: Granny, ignorance is bliss. Let’s keep it blissful for a while. Granny: I’ll drink to that! Jed: Dog gone if I ain’t tempted to join ya.

  • Granny: Are you married? Jed: Granny! Granny: Well, I only asked him Jed to see if he could qualify for a little shot of white lightenin’. Jed: It is a family rule that you can’t sample, uh, Granny’s brew unless you’s married. Robert: I’m single. Granny: I’ll go fetch my jug! Jed: Granny, the man says he’s single. Granny: The jug is fer me. I’m gonna celebrate!

  • (Jed and Granny are talking about Jethro who has run away, leaving a note to let him know the girl he is hiding from is gone) Granny: But I can still use a few more days of peace and quiet. I’ll leave the note next Monday. Jed: Granny? Granny: Yeah? Jed: Make it Tuesday.

  • (Drysdale tells Elly that Bessie the chimp can stay) Drysdale: Let her sit at my desk. She can play with my wife’s picture. Jane: Chief, she might break it. Drysdale: I know. I know.

  • (Jane recites a poem for Robert to the Clampetts) Granny: Miss Jane, you sure do have a way with words. Jane: That was Swift. Granny: Yeah. Didn’t take long.