The Frog Family

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  • (Jethro returns, and Granny thinks he has turned from frog back to human) Granny: Oh, you're alright! Jed, he’s alright! Tell him he’s alright Jed! Jed: You’re alright boy. Granny: Oh, you’re beautiful darlin’. Tell him he’s beautiful, Jed. Jed: You’re alright boy. Granny: Oh, I’m so happy to see you darlin’, Pearl’s sweet baby boy. Oh Jethro, I love you. Tell him you love him Jed! Jed: You’re alright boy. Granny: Oh my baby! (kisses Jethro) Oh I just (kisses Jethro) Oh, I could hug you. Hug him Jed. Jed: I’m stickin’ with “You’re alright boy.”

  • Granny: My specialties is poltussin’ risens and easin' rheumatis. Klinger: Excellent fields. Granny: If ya ever gets to achin’ in the joints, I got some rheumatis medicine that’s out of this world. Klinger: Will it actually cure rheumatism? Granny: No. But it’ll make ya happy ya got it.

  • Granny: Take off your shoes and I’ll check your feet. (Granny is about to drink some of her moonshine) Jed: No more of this for you Granny. You’ve had plenty.

  • (Granny tells Dr. Klinger to cure Jethro like he did for Mark and Elly) Klinger: Oh, and you want me to make Jethro here handsome. Granny: No. I’ll settle for havin’ him the way he was.

  • Jed: I remember one time the crick rose, cut Granny off from her still for a whole month. Jethro: Well, what’d she do? Jed: Nothing she could do. Considering the fact we was havin’ a flood, that was the longest dry spell Granny ever had.

  • (Granny is planning to go to the pool to find Jed, who she thinks is now a frog) Jethro: Where ya goin’ Granny? Granny: Down to the cement pond to get the latest frog. Jethro: Oh, did ya change your mind? Gonna cook his legs for me? Granny: Cannibal!

  • (Granny is happy to see Jethro, and says she is going to give him food) Granny: Look at his sweet, little, rosebud mouth, Jed. Jed: This is getting’ sickenin’.

  • Jethro: Is Granny here with that frog she wants kissed? Drysdale: No. Have ya tried the secretarial pool? Jethro: Yeah. They wouldn’t kiss me neither.

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  • In this episode, we learn that Jed and Jethro are second cousins, Pearl and Elly are second cousins, and Elly and Jethro are second cousins too.