The Beverly Hillbillies

The Hired Gun

Season 7, Ep 21, Aired 2/19/69
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  • Episode Description
  • The Clampetts are opening up J.C. Enterprises at a decent hour, five o’ clock in the morning. Drysdale is getting tired of his largest depositor’s waking him up early and of their practices. To get the Clampetts out, he hires a hired gun to scare the clan. Drysdale and Homer, the hired gun, strike up a plan where Drysdale “defends” the Clampetts, and Homer threatens them. Their plan goes into action, and after Homer threatens to wipe Drysdale out, Jed tells Drysdale that they’ll leave the fifth floor to save him. But after Drysdale returns to his office, and Homer leaves, Jed calls Drysdale office to tell him that he is their greatest friend, and they are going to stay on the fifth floor to fight with him, making Drysdale question where he went wrong.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Donna Douglas

    Elly May Clampett

  • Buddy Ebsen

    Jed Clampett

  • Nancy Kulp

    Jane Hathaway

  • Irene Ryan

    Daisy Moses "Granny"

  • Raymond Bailey

    Milburn Drysdale

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (13)

    • (The hired gun Drysdale hired shows up) Jane: You and Mr. Drysdale friends? Homer: I don’t have any friends.

    • (Drysdale tells Granny that Homer claims she doesn’t have the proper medical education) Granny: Me? Huh, that learned doctorin’ from John Hopkins? Drysdale: You studied medicine at John Hopkins? Jed: I can vouch for that. Granny rode a mule all the way to Timbo, Arkansas just to study with John and Elviri Hopkins. Drysdale: John and Elviri Hopkins? Granny: Probably the greatest husband and wife yarb doctorin’ team in the history of medicine. Jed: How long you study with them, Granny? Granny: Well, I took the full course. Then I done what they call “post-graduate work.” All in all, I was there purt near two weeks.

    • (Cratchit tries to catch up with Elly, since his new hair makes him feel so young) Granny: Jed, I think he left the poltus on too long. It’s drawed up some ideas along with his hair. Jed: He can handle the hair alright, but I ain’t so sure about the ideas.

    • (Drysdale says the reason he’s wearing pajamas still is so he didn’t wake his wife) Jed: I reckon you beat her up regular. Drysdale: No, but it’s a great idea.

    • Granny: You youngin’s wouldn’t have this trouble if ya went to bed at a decent hour. Elly: Well, I went to bed at nine o’clock. Granny: There ya are.

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    Notes (1)

    • Charles Lane also played Miss Jane's landlord Foster Phinney in season 9.

    Trivia (2)

    • Cratchit left the hair poltus on his head for a week and said how the other bank employees made fun of him. But when he got the poltus on, Granny told him he could come back the next day to have it taken off. Why did he keep it on so long?

    • In this episode, Drysdale says how his father was the president of the bank. However, he once said that he became president when he married Margaret because her father was chairman of the board. Also, Miss Jane says that when she started working at the bank, Drysdale's father was already gone. But Drysdale has said that he hired her.

    Allusions (1)

    • The train business: Drysdale's hired gun J. Homer Bedloe was an occasional character on Petticoat Junction. On that series, he worked for the C. & F. W. Railroad and was always trying to close down the Cannonball. He makes reference to this on the Hillbillies when he says he got out of the train business.

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