The Beverly Hillbillies

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Quotes (1876)

  • Brewster: Beverly Hills is the choice residential area, and lots of millionaires do settle there. Jed: Folks like me, huh? Brewster: Well, uh, millionaires.

  • Jed: What do you think Pearl? You think I oughtta move? Pearl: Jed, how can ya even ask? Look around you. Ya eight miles from ya nearest neighbor. You’re overrun with skunks, possums, coyotes, bobcats. You use kerosene lamps for light! You cook on a wood stove, summer and winter! You’re drinkin’ homemade moonshine, washin’ with homemade lye soap! And your bathroom is fifty feet from the house, and you ask should ya move?! Jed: Yeah, I reckon you’re right. Man’d be a dang fool to leave all this.

  • Geologist: Listen, where’s the nearest air field? Granny: Air field? Jed: You know Granny, that’s one of them air fields, sets up in the air.

  • Granny: She oughtta be doin’ woman’s work – helpin’ me with the still.

  • (Granny sees a man hanging from a helicopter) Granny: That thing's only got one claw but danged if it ain't grabbed up a man.

  • (Jethro and Cousin Pearl are driving down to the Clampett's shack and slam into their chicken coop) Pearl: Jethro, I told you to get rid of them worn out brakes! Jethro I did, Ma. That's how come we ain't got none.

  • Jed: Yeah, but walkin' down through the snow to the still always makes you feel so miserable. Granny: I might feel miserable walkin' down, but the way I feels comin' back makes up fer it.

  • Elly May: (about the man lying on the table) Then can I keep him? Jed: Course not! Elly May: Well, I caught him.

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Notes (87)

  • Buddy Ebsen was also in the movie "The Beverly Hillbillies" (1993) as Barnaby Jones.

  • The mansion was also used in the movie "The Beverly Hillbillies" (1993).

  • The Clampett's car was also used in the movie "The Beverly Hillbillies" (1993).

  • In this episode, Drysdale and Jane both have different offices. Where the wash room is later located in Drysdale office, a board room resides.

  • The Clampett account starts off here at $35 million.

  • Features the first mentioning of Hooterville, featured more prominently on Petticoat Junction and Green Acres.

  • This episode is included in the 3 DVD compilation The Christmas Collection, by St. Clair Vision.

  • Jethrine's absence since "Elly's Animals" is finally explained: She went back home offscreen.

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Trivia (180)

  • Why is Cousin Pearl so much more cultured than the Clampetts, if only by a little? She knew what a million dollars was and about Hollywood. Though the Clampetts have no idea about what else goes beyond their borders it seems.

  • In the first few episodes, Granny was made to look like maybe the oldest woman in the world. But after a few, Irene Ryan's make-up was toned down, so it didn't look exactly how it does in these early episodes.

  • Bea Benaderet, who played Cousin Pearl, had originally wanted to play the role of Granny. When creator/writer Paul Henning and Ms Benaderet saw Irene Ryan's audition, Bea said to her old friend Paul, "There's your Granny."

  • Granny's kitchen layout changes later in the series. Her above-counter oven gets relocated to below the counter (perhaps after blocking too many scenes) and the refrigerators are moved to another wall, replaced by shelves of dishes.

  • In this episode, Jethro describes Big Mouth Bradshaw as the “prettiest girl in the Hills.” But in season 8, she is called the “homeliest girl in the Hills.”

  • In this episode, Jed says that Granny has never drinken more than a thimble full or liquor in her life. However, in later seasons down, Granny drinks a lot, straight from the jug. Why did she suddenly start drinking more when they went to Beverly Hills?

  • At their own mansion, the Clampetts do not know what the doorbell is. Whenever it rings, they cannot figure out what it actually is or where the sound is coming from. But when they go calling in this episode, they ring the doorbell at the first house and it makes a sound, much like their own. Why do they not know what it is at there place, but can figure it out at other places?

  • Elly says how she is playing football in this episode. But in a later episode, when Jethro is trying to impress Drysdale's new maid, the Clampetts learn what football is. But with Elly playing, they must have known before. So how did they forget?

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Allusions (4)

  • Jethro: Now I ain’t beat! Reference to the "Beat" culture of the time.

  • The line "Kiss me, my fool" was originally used in the 1915 film A Fool There Was, famously delivered by The Vampire, Theda Bara, to her victim.

  • When the passport clerk says, "Hi, Allen! I love your show!", into the light fixture, he's referring to Allen Funt, host of Candid Camera

  • The train business: Drysdale's hired gun J. Homer Bedloe was an occasional character on Petticoat Junction. On that series, he worked for the C. & F. W. Railroad and was always trying to close down the Cannonball. He makes reference to this on the Hillbillies when he says he got out of the train business.