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Quotes (5)

  • (Shorty is knocking on doors, looking for Elizabeth) Shorty: How’s it going in there? You ready for a swim, gorgeous? (Granny opens the door and comes out) Granny: No I ain’t! Shorty: I’m sorry Granny. I knocked on the wrong door. Granny: You sure did! You ain’t getting’ me in that cement pond! Shorty: Granny, I thought you was my date. Granny: I wouldn’t date you if you was the last man on earth!

  • (Granny tells Mark Elly will make him dinner, with many donuts) Mark: Sounds like I’ll be in heaven tonight. Granny: Oh, we won’t let cha eat that many.

  • Jethro: I’m beggin’ ya Granny, please don’t go! Granny: Ah, bless you boy. I didn’t think nobody would care. Jethro: I care! If you go, I’ll die! Granny: No you won’t. Jethro: Oh yes I will! I’ll hafta eat Elly’s cooking!

  • (Drysdale tells Elizabeth his plan, after just telling her and Miss Jane how he nearly died and his life of lying and cheating flashed before his eyes) Elizabeth: But I, I thought you had changed. Drysdale: What gave you that idea? Elizabeth: Well, you said your whole life flashed before you. Drysdale: It did. I loved it!

  • (Jane tells Jed that she is alright and that the idea of withdrawing his money did not upset her as Drysdale said) Jane: That straight jacket was Mr. Drysdale’s invention. Jed: Oh, he’s a clever fella. That fit ya real good. Jane: Oh, he’s clever alright. He’s my number one nemesis. Jed: Well, I’m glad to hear he’s your friend.

Notes (1)

  • This is Shug Fisher's last episode on the series.

Trivia (1)

  • This is the first, and only, episode where we see the basketball hoop near the pool that Jethro was playing basketball with.