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    By michaelfarraj, Apr 06, 2015

    Perhaps they should have stayed to the source of the material more, you know the Bible. Seems like they attempted to make a politically correct version of the Bible where only the Romans were the villains in the story. Truly a waste of time and money and special effects thrown in were the worst and made it even more looking like a low budget piece of trash.

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    By heiowge, Dec 18, 2013

    I wonder why this was on the History Channel and not Sci-Fi...

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    By lovecorps, Apr 22, 2013

    Though there are some discrepancies on some details (the sacrifice of abraham in episode 1), i think this series should be shown in chruch activities/gatherings :)

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    Very well made

    By lorenhiscutt, Apr 21, 2013

    I would think that making a mini series about the greatest book ever written would not be that easy. But it seems that they made it look easy. I really loved it.

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    Wonderful series

    By gigreat010, Apr 06, 2013

    If one were to actually act a movie of the bible,it would actually take love every bit of these series,even though its summarized and some stories were skipped. I love the actor who portrayed Jesus. This series would surely touch lives especially does who don't know Jesus.

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    Well made, but it convenientely cuts out the "not so nice" stuff.

    By MatthewRaiche, Mar 17, 2013

    It's very entertaining. I was really looking forward to watching this as a parallel to my reading of every word of the Bible. I was extremely dissappointed that they skipped over the story of Jacop . Jacob was a liar and a cheat. Anyway, read the "holy book" first, then watch the movie. The most important part is that you need to use your brain all the way through. When I say all, I mean ALL. Think about what you read and see.moreless

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    A fresh sreies like Vikings, but miss it!

    By alminhas3434, Mar 14, 2013

    The Bible 14million viewers, Vikings 4millions and dont even talk about it!!! Because its from history or what?

    For my part i see the two, The Bible is nice but everyone know the story, but some part are very good, like Moises. Also Im very anxious for the Jesus part with a actor from my home town :)

    Vikings is something else, a very good serie with a solid script and great acting. Mayby one of the best new show around, like Banshee you also miss.moreless

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    "Previously on Bible"

    By xdaehak, Mar 07, 2013

    Not a bad story, has potential.

    Its just lacking, it just needed the producers/ directors etc from Spartacus or Game of Thrones to give it a once over and add a few touches.

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